Recover From Heartbreak

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Recovering from heartbreak is not a sudden action, it is a process. What to do when your partner suddenly gives you the boot?

Cut all connections

Do not give in to the urge to stay friends with your ex. Maintaining contacts with the person has a way of bringing back old memories that are best forgotten and tempting you to call. Calling would make you appear too needy of the person.

Grieve, please

It is always difficult to get over someone you have been involved with for a long time, so, a little grieving is allowed. Grieving is human and would not be out of place but be careful not to overdo it. Let go of all the hurt and emotions while you grieve.


When you feel like your eyes are heavy from crying and your head is filled with all the thoughts that you would never let go, having a rest or sleeping could be an avenue to ease the pain. Sleep gives you a break from the happenings and refreshes you by the time you are awake.


Forgive your ex, even when the break up was not your fault. Forgiveness has a way of freeing your mind and giving you the peace you desire to move on. While it may be easy to forgive, it is difficult to forget. Forgiveness does not mean running back to your ex.

Take a break

Taking a break from romantic relationships after a break up gives you the time to take an inventory of what went wrong (or right) in the previous relationship, rediscover yourself and to know what you want in the next relationship.

Get a grip

Brooding over a failed relationship does not mean losing oneself. Get a grip on yourself and engage in meaningful activities to take your mind off the worry.


Go out

Staying at home all day has a way of causing a relapse after you must have a hold of yourself. Never brood at home all day. Sometimes, seeing a movie, attending a concert, or taking yourself out has a way of rejuvenating the mind..


Your old and true friends would always be there for you and willing to help during the trying times. Reconnect with them.

Listen to music

Music has a way of lifting the spirits and giving inspirations. But be careful not to listen to music that portrays your former status. While listening to music, dance also helps.


Exercise could be a form of distraction from heartbreak. Hit the gym and engage in exercise when you feel down. It is also a good place to meet new people. You would be surprised at how you forget your worries. Open up

Being jilted in a relationship does not guarantee closing up your heart and mind on relationships. Maintain an open mind and be open to try out new options, but with discretion.

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