Reasons You Should Consider Dating Ladies Who Are Their Thirties- Joro Olumofin

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The dating game is never constant, it is rather whimsical I.e Dating is a variable which can never be measured, quantified or predicted. But there there some qualifies that we all know are beneficial in relationships.
A lot of these qualities are found in who are matured, know what they want and are financially stable. Fellas, here are some reasons why ladies in their 30s ( 30-38) would make better brides and have more "yards" of wife material than ladies in their 20s ( 20-29). .
1️⃣ Ladies in their 30s won't make financial demands on you. There is no ( pay for my cab, pay for my uber, pay for my , buy me pizza and cold stone, borrow me 15k ) in their dictionary because ladies of this chronological & mental age are financially secured. .
2️⃣ Ladies in their 30s who are single are not interested in being a slay mama, or Instagram celebrity, they aren't bothered by likes on Instagram, buying expensive hair and shoes & hashtags. They look good for themselves not for the gram. If designers comes yes but they won't "Para" because of designer. .
3️⃣ With experience you get better. so Fellas, ladies in their 30s are beasts in the bedroom. They know all the tricks, styles and techniques. The anatomy of mans body is stored in their brain. Unlike some ladies in their 20s that you need to tell them what to do and where to stand. This is obviously not definite but relative & also debatable.
4️⃣ Courtship & "know time" . Hardly would you ever find a lady in her 30s in the club, wasted, standing on the table, vomiting on the floor, fighting because of a man in the club. They have done all these in the past and would rather use their time for dinner, picnics, private trips ✈️,Netflix & chill etc.
5️⃣ If you're a foody & you love proper home cooked meals without koko in the amala, watery egusi, mesh mesh rice ( confused rice) , stone in beans, sand in efo. A lady In her 30s is right for you. She has had a lot of experience in the kitchen and... Read Part 2 on @joroolumofin

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  1. Faturoti oluwafemi

    July 12, 2017 at 11:02 am

    I totally agree with this writer, u nail it all.