PURPLE & ORANGE: The Perfect Combo

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When it comes to colour and style, colour blocking is an awesome way to spice up your dress sense with your existing wardrobe where you don't have to worry about ' what is going with what'.   powerhouses Gucci and Diana von Furstenberg, has confirmed that combining purple and orange is a bomb! the combo has all ingredients required to slay on covers, red carpet, dinner etc.     Made up of equal amounts of red and blue, purple is associated with royalty, mystery, magic and wisdom, and it is absolutely and feminine.  Colour Orange on the other hand originated from the Orange fruit and it radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy of and stimulation of red with the cheerful feeling of Yellow.    

male barbie Bobrisky slaying in purple and orange

    When combining Purple and orange, it is advisable to complement it with accessories like necklaces, purses, shoes, belts and hats. The accessories colours shouldn't be limited tho, they can be any other colour.   Because Purple is a tricky colour, Orange is just the perfect contrasting colour to combine with it. The colour combination is a thumb up for me. Try slaying the combo today, you would love it!