Psquare Breakup? Paul Okoye Writes Bitter Post About A Spoiler Within

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The duo of Paul and Peter Okoye maybe be having internal disputes or worst still be headed for a breakup.

A series of angry and stern posts from on Instagram suggests that all is not well between the Psquare duo.

Paul Okoye, one-half of the Psquare duo went on a tirade suggesting that there is indeed some sort of cold war between him and his twin brother. He wrote 'Since the announcement 0f the arrival of these 2 . . . I swear some people are restless, they can't even sleep'. That would mean some people are unhappy about the arrival of his twin babies Nathan and Nadia.

In another post, Rudeboy suggests a woman who is trying to come between himself and his twin Peter.

Back to naija 😎 don't take my silence for granted.... only a woman can come where brothers are working in peace and destroy it 👎🏽#youknowyourself .... try me this time .... I swear Nyash go open 👍you will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju...

This will be another time the brothers have been washing their dirty linen in public. has recently been pushing his Mr P identity and brand making guest appearances and all without his brother Paul (Rudeboy).


1 Comment

  1. Ikechukwu Ikechukwu

    September 18, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    The duo should try and settle their differences or dispute; Breaking up is not good for the two blood brothers.