Prophetic Proposal?

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Be careful of those that gives you prophetic words on who to marry and who not to marry! 27 years ago a Prophet told a man not to marry his wife!!! According to him "Omo ko si ona nibe" (it's a no go area son) he rejected it instantly and today he has been married to the same woman for 26 years (Happily)
Great man who allowed his flesh to use him momentarily because he had a disagreement with my mother in-law at the time. Stop looking for prophecy on who to marry... Women stop giving several names of to prophets to pray over. It is not in your place. When you have discovered yourself, and are fully ready and prepared, God would cause a man to locate you! For the men, It's not in any man's power to decide for you! You can get counsel and follow after the leading of the Holy Spirit as a man so as to be led to find your wife. For that you need a closer relationship with God.