Peter Okoye FALLS Off Stage While Waje’s Wig Waves Goodbye, Off Stage

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Oh my! Artists, be careful out there. falls off stage and Waje’s wig falls off as well. Waje’s situation a lot of laughter but Okoye’s got gasps, rightfully so. Peter was ultimately taken to the hospital from what I understand. From viewing the video, it appears Peter fell off stage due to him not paying attention. So, in terms of legal liability under a tort claim of negligence, I doubt anything would stick if he attempted to sue. "The Pop duo were performing ‘Bring it on’, a song off their new album ‘Double Trouble’ when Peter Okoye apparently stepped too close to the centre edge of the five-foot elevated stage and fell off. He tumbled and landed on the floor, hitting his back against the protective metal barricades used to shield fans from the stage". Source:Africa Music Law

1 Comment

  1. Lucky

    October 10, 2014 at 6:50 am

    Wow!Paying attention when performing on stage is very important.Musicians should try to be their self when performing on stage,wearing of wig to perform on stage is uncall for because of the tension and joy that do happen during live performance.