Patience In Life Decisions!

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We now live in a microwave world, where everyone is in a hurry to make things happen instantly. Instant noodles, instant money, instant relationship, instant , etc, and the list goes on. Patience is now at the rear end, almost fading out. It takes a lot to wait on anything, some says; thereby making men and women make instant decisions that may end up jeopardizing their lives in the long run.
From history, nothing gained instantly last a lifetime. Even the instant noodles people eat digest almost instantly. Instant money fades like one never had it, especially one gained diabolically. It is advisable to be patient in . Patient is a virtue, and must be coveted if not presently dominant in one's life. Never rush to make decisions in life, especially in areas of marriage. Although we learn from our mistakes, and a mistake done repeatedly is no longer a mistake, but a choice.
I recall a lady's life experience that was shared in one of the Singles Fellowships, I attended back in the day. The story moved me to tears and also taught me patience in an unusual way. The lady was in her late 30's, and was still very single with no committed relationship whatsoever. Everyone around her was worried for her including her own church family. As dedicated as she was to church activities, and other activities around her, they all wished her well, and wanted her to settle down maritally, but the men weren't coming.
Then appeared a brother from the church, that took interest in her, but she wasn't convinced he was genuine. There was something about the brother that she couldn't put her fingers on, that bothered her greatly, but the fear later dispelled, because everyone around alleviated her fears, making her feel she was delusional, but somewhere at the back of her mind, she knew the man was not straightforward. She later succumbed to the , and gave the brother a chance.
To cut the long story short, they got married. From the moment they got married, it was one problem or the other. He stopped her from going to the church they'd met, stopped family and church members from visiting, didn't communicate much with her, took her life from her, and all he wanted from her was sex, sex, and more sex. She felt like his sex slave. Her passion for God slowly dissipated; she was so clouded with her challenges that the desire to fellowship with God was no longer there.
Few months later, she got pregnant and was very sick. Her husband prevented her from seeing the doctor. He locked her up, and turned deaf ears to her pleas. The lady later found her way out of the house when she couldn't help it any longer, and checked into a hospital.
On getting to the hospital, the doctor put her on bed rest immediately; that was when her family members were contacted. Few weeks after, she delivered a set twins but mentally lost it after the birth of her babies.  She was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, and her mom was given the set of twins to take care of; she later got better with much prayers and medication, but refused to go back to her husband.
I am not sure if she ever did go back to her husband or not, but I know she had to stay away from him for a while. I believe he was mentally sick also.
Never allow any form of pressure make you make instant decision that you will later regret. If everyone is going left, it is okay to go right if your mind is at peace with it. Think thoroughly before making a decision, and always pray before making one.
I pray God gives us all the patience to always wait inspite of the pressure around us. Have a great Wednesday.
Debbie Kuks
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