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I knew of a young man that was very vibrant and passionate about inspiring souls, yet couldn't inspire or relieve himself of this subtle but dangerous anguish called, pain. He was in so much torture secretly, that he ended up taking his own . It was really shocking and devastating reading of His death. No one knew he was harboring such agony.
Pain, happens to both the rich and poor, male and female, presidents and citizens, kings and servants, and everyone created by God.
Pain, the gift nobody longs for but still comes. This is a plight that no one envisages. A clear-cut agony that no one or desire, But somehow leaves you stronger when it’s gone. 
Pain sometimes causes you to shut down, and it blurs your vision, Compelling you to cut your dream, and dim your foresight; Causing you to say the most absurd and unimaginable things…That sometimes makes you second-guess your existence.
Do not make pain your utmost treasure! It's important to see your tomorrow while going through it, Because if you don't, your pain may tell your today, tomorrow is far fetched and cut your life short now. 
Pain is a process which doesn’t to the human mind. A hideous growth that brings so much emotional torture, But definitely designed to build and shape you... Preparing one for greater storms of life. Making one stronger, unshakable, and able to withstand all storms!
The promise of God and His desires for your life is inside of you, likewise the enemy's plan to take you out sooner by using pain as a stumbling block. So master and control pain, while on the way to destiny. God has created you in such a way that your pain must not break you, but you must control it and learn to subdue it inspite of how gigantic it looks. Therefore, embrace your pain, and never let it debar you from entering into your purpose!
Pain must be used as the fuel that births forth your passion. Passion geared towards fulfillment of your dreams. So, never let it be a barricade but a clearcut pathway in making sure destiny is fulfilled. 
Master pain, and subdue its powers!
Although Pain, is the gift no one longs for, yet surfaces, But be assured it makes you stronger when it’s long gone!
Debbie Kuks
© 2014 Debbie Kuks Words

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  1. Bello John Constantine

    December 26, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    So cool, am loving these inspirational quotes so badly.