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Most Nigerian graduates are unemployable - Prof. Charles Soludo Imagine a graduate of computer science who cannot use microsoft package talkless of writing a computer program Some cannot even identify a processor or RAM Some of the graduates I interviewed cannot express themselves beyond their name Reading the CVs of some graduates make you wonder if they ever had tertiary Most of the courses offered in our institutions are outdated THE ROLE OF STUDENTS Students should stop the blame game and take responsibility for their Use your IT and SIWES period to acquire practical knowledge and skill Attend as many seminars, workshops and training as possible Invest more in practical knowledge and skill more than you invest in gadget and fashion Read books, get a mentor and improve yourself THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT Government should improve our school curriculum We should include practical skill and update our courses Lecturers should be equipped to give practical knowledge Infrastructures should be provided across all institutions There is need to invest more in education as much as we invest in Most developed countries usually engage people who run businesses to lecture in schools and provide real life experience PARENTS has a role to play They should stop registering their children in special exam centres They should stop giving bribe to lecturers to promote their children Encourage them to study and invest in their education Enrol them in training program beyond the classroom PRIVATE ORGANIZATION AND RELIGIOUS BODIES Private companies should focus more on higher institutions for their CSR Religious bodies should invest in education in anyway they can and as much as they can Government alone cannot do it MY ROLE Instead of just complaining I decided to setup a youth development centre Where undergraduates and graduates can acquire practical knowledge and skills that will make them relevant while in school and after school I have trained several batches of NYSC members on starting a business and how to increase their value Let us stop the blame game and take necessary action Wale Olajumoke ...adding value