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We all have three common enemies and they are: (1) FEAR, (2)HANGING ON TO THE PAST, (3) UNFORGIVENESS. fear doesn't exist , it exists only in our imagination, it's an illusion which beclouds our sense of reasoning, making us feel that things that are unreal are actually real. when fear knocks at the door of our heart; let the faith in our spirit open the door. secondly, hanging on to the past will stop us from seeing the promises and opportunities awaiting us at the other end. it is very important that we let go of the past. a is the one who fails on a course, remains unmotivated to try again and at the same time refusing to stand up from such . for we can fall as many times as possible but the ability to stand up, even it's gradually, afford us the opportunity of a new beginning. the last but not the least enemy, is an unforgiving heart. unforgiveness is not having the compassion to forgive. when a person is unforgiven, that person is indirectly hurting him/herself. we must learn to forgive ourselves first, then being able to forgive others, will come handy. we then realize that we are not only doing others a fatter favor than ourselves. a huge burden gets to be lifted off our shoulders. .........................................................................Voice of Yemi Michael.    

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  1. Lucky

    October 16, 2014 at 6:29 am

    Nice tip….fear n unforgiveness hinder so many things n benefit.