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I would be terribly shocked if I asked an average Nigerian youth if they knew who Olamide is and I got a negative feedback. I mean who the heck doesn’t know aka ‘Baddo Sneh’? Well, it is not an offence if someone admits they don’t know him. However, if you don’t know the name there would be a high probability you have come across his at one time or the other. From the local pub in your area to the busy street junctions and motor parks there are high chances you would hear an Olamide song blasting through a loud speaker. The artiste is quite famous from his western Yoruba origin to the Igbo speaking Eastern region, North and South of Nigeria. He is fondly referred to as the king of the streets. The street has always been his stronghold, no wonder most of his songs resonate with them on many levels.     However, our beloved Olamide Adedeji is notorious for making songs with questionable, unwholesome and inappropriate lyrical content. The songs get you to turn up no doubt but the lyrics always need Parental Advisory. In fact, some children should not be listening to most songs done by baddo.  Some of those lyrics are not meant for young minds that are at most tabula rasa. While taking a close listen to his discography you would come across several songs that are stuffed with very sexual and vulgar lyrics. We remember ‘Story For The gods’, ‘Falila Ketan’, ‘Who U Epp’, ‘Konkobility’ etc., and now ‘Wo!!’. Apparently, if you do understand Yoruba you would have a better grasp of the messages passed in some of those songs. Was I expecting a turn-up song without some corny sexual undertones? Nope, albeit, the ease at which he churns out this very naughty lyrical content is outrageous and he needs to cut it down. ‘Wo!!’ happens to be one too many. Just after a few weeks of release, ‘Wo!!’ has gone viral and it is already a certified street banger. Now, Olamide is receiving a lot of knocks because of the lyrics of the new song. Recently, the through the Ministry of Health had called out the rapper for inappropriate lyrics and promotion of controlled substance. The FG made reference to this part of the lyrics, ‘O n jo mi bi ti cigar wo!’, and a video where someone was smoking a joint.     Whether the street king was trying to rhyme some words like in the excerpts ‘O n jo mi bi ti cigar wo!’/ O fe fi mi buga wo! Some things are better not said for the sake of decorum. The Bariga born artiste has a young son who is growing up really fast, would he allow his boy to be fed with his own supply of music? Undoubtedly, Olamide is a role model of some sort to many Nigerian youths out there; perhaps he could use his music to teach them better things than the cigar, dogoyaro, claro etc. If the rapper is being heavily berated for his hit song, the rebuke is well-deserved maybe it is time to change or slow down Baddo. Oya Wo!!  


  1. Faturoti Oluwafemi

    August 21, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Nigeria music industry is not encouraging at all, most especially the hip hop songs. This music contain foul language which is not good for youth hearing.

  2. Ikechukwu Ikechukwu

    August 22, 2017 at 5:54 am

    Olamide is a good singer no doubt about that; What am concerned about his hip hop songs are the beatz not the foul languages he uses attimes. In hip hop songs produced by Nigeria artists, people should try and disregard the foul languages if it is not pleasant to their ears or if it is sending wrong signals to them.