OffandOnTV: Under 25 CEO Making The Microphone His Gold Mine

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Today on THEBBBUZZ '' is the inspiring story of a young man who is taking all his chances to become a media mogul.

Glossophobia  is the fear of public speaking or of speaking in general.  The fine art of talking to people in large audiences does not come naturally for all.

Our special guest, has journeyed and learnt a great deal to finesse the art of oratory. He may be a born handler of the microphone, however, his load of live experience and interaction has fashioned him to be one of the finest speakers and personalities in the South-south.

Besides his penchant for disseminating the 'hottest gists' around him and social interaction he has also found a way to profit from his passion.

This has led him into new vistas of entrepreneurship.  He is now giving a voice and a breath of fresh air to the people of Akwa Ibom.  He is a publicist and the mastermind of Off and On TV. 

THEBBBUZZ: What Is Off and On TV all about?

Mr AKPAN: Off and On TV is an affiliate of 28:16 marketing company. It is an online TV which specializes in covering thrills of events and happenings in the society and showcasing it to the world.

Off and On TV also serves as a platform where ideas, suggestions and voices of individuals are heard from the streets and aired on all social media platforms.

The core services provided by the brand includes still and motion pictures coverage of events, red carpet services, live streaming, documentary shoots, behind the scenes and events tracks, vox pop sampling and strategized digital media hype and marketing.

Off and On TV which is almost a year old is the fastest growing online TV platform in South-South Nigeria with a very vibrant social media engagement. During this period the brand has been able to garner over 50,000 followers on all social media platforms.


THEBBBUZZ: How is the Off and On TV Managed?

Mr AKPAN: The online TV brand is managed by a handful of very savvy social media experts. However, the team is led by Mr Ofofonono Akpan.

THEBBBUZZ: Can We Meet You, Sir?

Mr AKPAN: My name is Ofofonono Akpan, I’m a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State. A graduate of Petroleum Engineering, University of Uyo, in contrast to my discipline, I have a deep-seated passion for holding the microphone and disseminating useful information on the social media space. The zeal I had for the media led me to undergo several short courses in journalism, outdoor advertising, and brand marketing amongst others.

I’m currently serving as a media consultant to 28:16 marketing company and CEO, Off and On TV. I’m always open to new ideas and new business relationship with potential clients.


THEBBBUZZ: What Would You Say Is The Highlight Of Your Work So Far?

Mr AKPAN: I have been indeed very fortunate to serve in various capacities as a cooperate and social MC, a social media influencer and pop culture critic. I’m also a reporter for top news blogs in the country, a digital media hype man for several events and brands. As a press personnel, I have handled press releases top political holders in the state. Most recently Off and On TV is the official media partner for the Akwa Ibom Orange September and State 30th anniversary celebration.

THEBBBUZZ: Besides Work What Other Things Do You Do At Your Spare Time?

Mr AKPAN: I read a lot, I’m also very frequent on Quora Forum, and I love interacting with new people.

You can reach Off and On TV for business with the following contact info.   YouTube: @offandontv Twitter: @offandontv Instagram: @offandontv Office line: 08062834292