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'' Honey, God has been good to us, despite the fact that we are not citizens of this country, Our performance is excellent in our choice of career. I think we should make do with these two . I don't want more kids'' Mark said to pearl as they both laid on the bed.

Pearl was startled. She didn't expect such words from her husband. She hesitated for a while before giving her reply. "Sweetheart why don't we have one more kid. We both are still young, we can take a break for a while and have the third one after some years".

"No, Honey, I'm okay with the two kids. God has blessed us with both sex of our eight years of marriage so, all we need to do is give them the best to make them successful in life" he responded.

Pearl though not comfortable with the suggestion, oblige out of love on her husband's request. "Which of the family planning options are you considering? she asked.

“I will suggest the permanent ones so we can prevent any mistake. I really don't want more kids'' he said.

"You must be out of your mind. How would you suggest such a thing mark? Do you know the implication and side effect of what you just said? You must be joking “she angrily replied.

“Honey, please do this for us. A family of four is okay for me. I know we agreed on three before we married but after seeing the stress of child birth, I had to rethink. Moreover, it isn't about the number but the best you can give to them'' Mark said.

After much persuasion, Pearl went for the operation and it was successful. Pearl's womb was evacuated. So, no possibility for her to conceive again.

"Honey thanks for the sacrifice, I have no fears of you conceiving again after unprotected sex" Mark said as he kissed her passionately.

It was a wonderful family they had. Few years later, they relocated to Nigeria. Mark who was a civil engineer found it difficult to secure a job in Nigeria. The case wasn't the same for Pearl, a lawyer trained abroad, she got a job almost immediately the family relocated. However, the family was sustaining on Pearl's income. Pearl loved her husband so much that she would give her salary to him to take care of the family. She made sure Mark's dignity as the king of the family was intact.

A year later, Mark got a call from God to pastor a church. He was told to commence a church before he could get a job. He obeyed and got a job in less than a month of planting a church. This development boosted the family's income further. The children in good school, Mark's well paid job, the church and of course Pearl's job. There was no doubt that God was with them.

Three years after, with the increasing number of worshipers, the church bought a plot and they moved to their permanent site.

Shortly after this, Mark started going to the village more often. He was building a house and told his wife that he needed to visit often so he could monitor the project. Pearl was pleased with that. They had achieved beyond what they initially commenced abroad.

Pearl wasn't just a virtuous wife, she was also kind hearted to everyone around her. Her husband's driver, Ajadi saw her more as a sister than a lady boss. She had severally helped him financially. She was humble, nice, God fearing, caring and a cheerful giver.

Mark's travelling became more frequent that he travelled every two weeks. Pearl was always available to work with other ministers to keep the church growing.

On a Thursday morning, Pearl got a call from Ajadi, her husband's driver that he was coming to see her at the office to discuss something personal.  "Ajadi but you saw me when you came to pick my husband this morning. Why didn't you talk to me?" She replied.

"Aunty (as he fondly calls her) I don't want to discuss it in the presence of Oga, please ma, it's personal” he said.

“It’s okay you can come" she replied.

"Ajadi and his family issues. Anyway, I guess helping people is one of my calling. Moreover, I'm used to solving family issues, a pastor's wife”? why not? she said to herself.

She continued her official duty as she was preparing for a case the next weekend. Shortly after, she got a call from the reception informing her of Mr. Ajadi's arrival.

Let him in she replied. "Ajadi what is it this time” she asked as he stepped in.

Good morning ma he said. "Ajadi leave the greeting and tell me what brought you to my Office. How are you?" she asked.

"Aunty all is well with me. Just that I haven't been at peace with myself lately" he replied.

"You have not been at peace with yourself?” why? She re-emphasized.

“Yes aunty and you are the reason I have been like that. say the bird does not dine with the owner of the house and abandons him in the days of trouble".

Hum mm "Ajadi, you are beginning to get me worried. Who is the bird, who is the owner, infact, who is in trouble? “she curiously asked.

“Aunty calm down. You really need to calm down and promise me you will handle this matter with wisdom. I hope you won't put me in trouble after this discussion. I'm doing this because you have been so good to me" he responded

'Now you are getting me more worried. Ajadi talk to me what is happening? I surely won't put in trouble “she said.

“Aunty it's oga ooo... "

“What happened to my husband? Ajadi, where is he? You better start talking before I tear you into pieces" she hoarsely said as she rushed out of her seat to pounce on Ajadi.

"He's fine ma. He's at work. Nothing is wrong with him. It's just that he has another wife “He said as he was trembling.

“What did you just say? Who has another wife? You must be out of your mind Ajadi “she said.

“Aunty l'm serious, oga has not been going to the village because of his house project alone. His people gave him a young woman to marry because they wanted him to have more children. Infact, she's pregnant. Oga has strictly warned me not to tell you but your kind gesture has been judging me and I think telling you could make you give oga another child so that the lady can go after having that one she's carrying" he said.

"Am I dreaming?  Please wake me if I am. Ajadi you have been my husband's driver for two years and you both have been travelling together. Why would you want to ruin our marriage with your blackmail? Ajadi how much were you paid after all we have done for you. "

“Aunty I can swear with my life. I'm telling you nothing but the truth. Why not ask Aunty Ruth your husband's cousin you know she likes you. I'm sure she didn't tell you because olori ebi warned them all" he said. Please ma don't tell oga I told you, or else, ‘’o pari’’ lamenting in his dialect, I'm finished.

"You can go Ajadi. Thank you and I will handle it with wisdom as you’ve said “she soberly replied.

“I am doomed.  How could he do this to me? I'm not yet convinced this is true” as she wept profusely. She picked up her phone and called Aunty Ruth.

“Aunty Ruth good morning ma, it's been a while and you didn't check on me. Is it because your cousin has a new wife now? “she said.

“My wife, I'm sorry she replied. I’ve been busy with business lately. You know I have your interest at heart. I will never betray your love for that kind of lady. She is not hospitable to the family at all. My wife nobody can take your place in my heart. Wait a minute Pearl, how did you get to know about her?  Did my cousin eventually tell you?" she replied.

"Aunty Ruth, nothing can be hidden for long. I hope you are fine. My regards to your family" she said, dropping the call immediately.

“So it's true! It's actually true!!! Mark has ruined me. Where do I start from? Mark is all I have as an orphan. How could he stab me from behind? He told me to remove my womb because he doesn't want more children. I obliged because of the love I have for him. Is love a crime?" she said

She went home that day pretending all is well. She even made the family's dinner. After dinner, she told her husband she would be going to the hospital for checkup the next day.

"Honey are you ill?  Let Ajadi take you to the hospital in your car. I will drive “She replied.

“No I will be fine. I will drive myself. It's nothing serious, just some checkup" she said.

Pearl left for the hospital the next day. She told the doctor that she needed bed rest. She was put in a room which she locked up to herself. She laid and slept.  Four hours later the doctor went to check on her and realised the door was locked from behind. He knocked but she didn't open. He left thinking she was fast asleep.

Few minutes later, the doctor got a call from her husband who told him he's been trying to reach his wife but she's not picking his calls. The doctor went back to the room to knock but there was still no response. He informed other staff and they forced the door opened.

She was still lying on the bed. "She must have taken a sleeping pill which made her unconscious for this long" the doctor said.

They tried all they could but she didn't move. "What is happening here?” the doctor said as he brought out his stethoscope to check her breath. She's gone he exclaimed. Everybody was shocked. What could have happened to her?

The doctor immediately called her husband who rushed to the hospital few minutes later. He broke the news to him and he handed him a note that was found in the room.

"Who told her?  Oh no my Pearl you shouldn't have killed yourself. I was forced to do it. Please forgive me" He said as he cried reading the note.

Should Pearl had kill herself or faced the challenge she had?

Not everyone can handle emotional challenges. This Life! , a small Stage, a Narrow Market where the issues often heard become reality.

Written by

Tope Taiwo



  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    May 22, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Beautiful writeup by Tope Taiwo. Very touching story.
    Pearl shouldn’t have killed herself. Yes it’s difficult to handle emotional challenges but suicide is not the best answer. She didn’t handle the situation with wisdom at all 🙁
    All here sacrifices for her family was just wasted at the end. Too bad.

  2. olayinka

    May 23, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    OMG she should not ave killed herself now she has given the other woman a big chance to take over.