Nine signs your woman is getting extra sex somewhere!

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Well, rightly or wrongly, sex experts say the following are the signs to watch for if you’re suspecting that your woman is having sex with some other man! • She rebuffs your advances. When a woman has just had sex with someone, she is likely to rebuff your sexual advances you approach her for sex! • She smells rather funny. Well, if she rushed out of the place where she had the extra sex without taking a shower, you may likely smell the ejaculate on her!
• She rushes to take her bath. If your woman dashes into the bathroom to clean up herself after an outing, there might be more to it! • That ‘knowing smile’. A woman who has just had sex with another man would likely have this ‘knowing’ smile plastered her on her face, perhaps because she wants to cover up her guilt. • Avoiding eye contacts. A woman would find it difficult to maintain eye contact with you if she has been seeing another man. • Crumpled attire. This is more of a teenage thing, but an adult woman may have her clothes crumpled if she had just had a quickie and hadn’t taken off her top before she did! • Unprovoked angry outbursts. If you ask where she has been, she may accuse you of tele-guiding her or that you don’t trust her, blah, blah… • Smudged make-up. If she had her make-up smudged all over, it may be an indication that someone had been there ahead of you! • Fresh make-up, fresh perfume. In the alternative, a freshly-applied make-up and recently-sprayed perfume might be an indication that she has taken time to freshen up after a roll in the hay! The bottom line: You may not necessarily take this as gospel truth, because you may not be right, after all.


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