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Twenty something years ago, I fell in love with the King of Pop. His was too addictive, I didn’t know every lyric at the time “I still don’t”, but the King had the best everything, his voice, his moves, the demeanour of a pop star which he reinvented, the one glove, his Musical ingenuity was effortlessly flawless, time defying cinematography, and the concepts of his stage craft had a touch of creation every single time. Now forgive me being over excited, but Joseph Michael Jackson reinvented not just music but television, movie and artistic history as we know it. I have loved the arts and showmanship all my life and MJ had been at the centre of it for me. Thriller made me loose it when I first saw the video, so did black or white and also most recently for me “Ghost”.  Michael’s videos were always like going to the movies to see something new and I for one never got bored of the music or cinematography. The monsters he created or the fairy tales he birthed; I like many fans world over adored and craved more. The stuff nightmares are inspired by or made of.

Imaginative people create new worlds from nothingness which many times comes from the dissatisfaction of the status-quo, always wanting to push the bounds and charting unimaginable horizons where simple minds won’t dare. And that’s what MJ, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vici and all the great creators Humanity has celebrated since the big bang have left in their wake. The video thriller was the first thing close to a horror flick I saw in my life, I freaked out and yet loved the music, my eyes didn’t leave the screen for one passing moment and to this day, I still watch MJ’s thriller with the same rapt attention, I went as far as watching the making, the choreography and even scoring the steps and the names of every talent involved including some of the make-up artistes, the iconic Red thriller jacket designer and even the voice actor at the end.  I have them in my head till this day.

This week’s discovery caught my eye with some element of the cinematic genius called special effects and make-up, now in an age when every girl on my BBM, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, , Twitter account is a make-up artiste of some sort, this young lady blew me away. Scenario, I was with Ebun…(not real name) a friend who came to visit me with a few of her art works, with intention of getting some good reviews making some sales and also to just be a friend because I had been under the weather, (Just recovered) phew… and she opened her Facebook page to entertain me with the series of comments like “ thanks for the acceptance” and “ 1000 roses for the friends acceptance request”… Ladies you know those guys… ok so I read a few and my attention got drawn to a tag on her timeline saying (Child Abuse) I saw a battered back with lacerations, gashes, blisters and I thought to myself, why do people treat children like this, only to be told it was the work of a make-up artiste. I felt sympathy for the children who actually were in these situations, but my disgust faded as I saw more of this artistic monsters gory expressions.

She’s not all gore and sadness and death though, she had some really sweet looking culture and time defying work and I intend to share some of it with you dear reader, please feast your eyes on this, my discovery of the week… Her words:

Ogana Lucy Lynda is a 25 year old lady from Umunede in Delta state. 

Her love for the arts cannot be described in words so let’s use pictures, she went to the prestigious University of Benin where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Theatre arts. Since then, she has worked with different multinational companies in different capacity but the hunger to express the arts made her seek further development where she enrolled with MUD Academy.

For Lucy, art is creating, recreating and expression. Makeup being an art, gives the ability to recreate, express, beautify the world, and give hope and a voice to a course by matching colours. 


Lucy isn’t a lady with many words, I have grown fond of her work and I am proud to introduce this amazing Amazonian princess to you this week, ladies and gentlemen don’t go by my long anecdotes and tired comparisons, please make your own impressions about Lucy and interact with her on these platforms and may be y’all could make something happen, build bridges or even change the face of entertainment as we know it in Naija. Happy children’s’ day in arrears and a happy Democracy day to you.


PHONE NUMBER: 08126021826

INSTAGRAM: @Luchmakeovers

FACEBOOK: Ogana Lucy Lynda 



That’s it this week, please comment and share this on , I love you all. Tag me on Instagram @t8710chazown and @i_amt8710 on twitter to let me know of some amazing new talent or a board room juggernaut or that vendor in your neighbourhood that is making giant leaps and changing lives. Have a great day.

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  1. Bubbles

    May 31, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Sold. I’m gonna go follow her. The flow of your words tho, brilliantly written.