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Fast rising femcee, Isioma is out with her debut single titled ‘’Holy Ghost Party’’. The song "Holyghost Party" is a Gospel song with a contemporary feel, this song will naturally brighten even the dullest countenance and cause you to take to the dance floor. The lyrics of the song bring to mind the fact that Christianity is not boring, and Christians are also entitled to the spice that this brings. The song reflects a Nigerian beat with a mix of eclectic Western influences, Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B. Watch out for the songs new dawn reassuring us of our decision to serve the Lord in the fullness of his might!!! DOWNLOAD Connect with Isioma Twitter/Instagram: @IsiomaNwabuoku ARTISTE BIO: The artiste born Isioma Joy Nwabuoku on 10th May,is simply known by her stage name "Isioma". A Nigerian from Delta state with a blend of Arab, East Indian from her father's maternal side. She is a Singer, Rapper, Songwriter and performer with for the stage. From a tender age of six Isioma had been involved in acting and singing in church most of her life. With her parents as her main motivation, She attributes her talent to the tutelage of her father Prof Emeka Nwabuoku a Professor of Ethnomusicology from Columbia University USA . Although she has a BSC in Banking and Finance from University of Benin and an MBA holder from Obafemi Awolowo University her in born passion for the musical arts has been a reoccurring note in her life story.  (HOLY GHOST PARTY LYRICS) Intro:Mon ami Maxxy Jays beat,Isioma..doing the Holyghost party stylee eh..   Chorus: People tell me say(4x) Why dont you just go secular do what will make you popular I dey the Holy Ghost party come join the Holy ghost Wiggle wind I dey the Holy ghost party come join the Holy ghost Wiggle wind wiggle wind wiggle wind (2x)   Verse1: Na because of the Holy Ghost na you dey this crust Your not ashes and dust to dust Its only him that I will trust To serve him for me is a must No need to lust after the things of this world Very soon they'll be things of the past This world that you see will not last Its gonna melt under fervent heat No where to hide yourself under the sheets And conceal yourself from the fearful beast Its only yeast that makes the dough rise Its only God that take my flow high There's a gain in being his child, Dont mind the ones who say its not worth while Because of him you can even smile Left to the enemy u'll be in a pile   Chorus....   Verse2: In this party there's fame and fortune There's more than swagger and ginjah ah Im filling my cup with juice Its his word I will use uh To be free of blame Because of you the Christ he came To deliver you from every shame So be free to call on his name There's nothing hindering your attaining heights You sit 1st class in your flight Common light up this area Because of him life is Merrier You won't experience any Barrier You aint going on exile aah Get your game on common cue in this file!   Chorus....   Bridge: Eeh eeh eeh... Holy Ghost stylee eh eh eh eh... Wiggle wind yeh yeh yeh e.. Ehh ehh eeh.. Wiggle wind,wiggle wind wingolo,wiggle wind wiggle wind all for Jesus wiggle wind... Come join me(2x) in the Holy Ghost party,Holy ghost party stylee yeh eh.. yeh ee yeh yeh yeh...   Till fade.

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  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    March 19, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Na so. Gospel song *Holy Ghost Party* wey dey burst brain 🙂