‘My Wife And I’ Is A Mere Deja Vu Of Hollywood And Nothing Original

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Movie Title: ‘My Wife And I’

Directed By: Bunmi Ajakaiye

Starring: , ,  Ngozi Nwosu, Rachael Oniga, Dorcas Sola-Fapson, Sambasa Nzeribe, Jemima Osunde, Abimbola Craig, Bolanle Ninalowo and Seyi Law.

my wife and I movie review

To be frank has fed us with several personality swap movies which we have all enjoyed, to say the least. The idea is to give a feel of what it would be like to become another person and how difficult or almost impossible it would be. This sort of movie makes you appreciate the other person’s efforts and also a chance to truly love yourself.

My Wife And I’ attempts to bring all that personality swap experience to a more relatable Nigerian experience. An experience we can only fully understand in our typical Nigerian scenario.

The movie begins with a couple Toyosi and Ebere engaging each other in a heated argument. This is supposed to be one of the very frequent outbursts which erupt from the unhappily married couples. The couple seems to have chosen a very wrong time for them to throw tantrums at each other over issues that could be amiably discussed.  What makes it worst is because it's their children's’ birthday with friends and family around during the celebration.

Loud arguments from Toyosi and his wife Ebere draws the attention of their parents who move in swiftly to settle the ongoing quarrel. The couple have been unhappily married for 17 years and that was about to end in just a little while. A divorce was suggested to end it all.

Both parents pleased with the tired couples to give their marriage one more trial. Ebere’s mother believes prayers can resolve what seems like a spiritual attack at her daughter’s marriage. A pastor is immediately suggested to counsel and pray for the troubled couple.  

As an answer to prayer, the couples swap bodies mysteriously,  with Toyosi taking on Ebere’s persona and vice versa.

The real trouble begins as both couple get to feel the daily struggle of each other. Ebere has to become Toyosi at work and it could only be as weird and bizarre as it would be expected. The couple’s first day in each others body is a total disaster. And so the struggle continues.

As advised by the pastor,  the couple will have to work in harmony and understand each other until they lose their ego and then have a return.

‘My Wife and I’ feels like a Hollywood deja vu. It gives you a feeling that you have seen this before and there is no big difference.

The lead actors Ramsey and Omoni try to give a very good act. However, they are guilty of overacting when in swapped bodies. At times they miss a beat and get mechanical.

My Wife and I is daring, considering it is the first body-swapping film in Nollywood, made after an over-familiarity with this concept in Hollywood by the film-watching market. Because we already have our taste buds trained, we’d better not be served something unauthentic. And this is where it fails as it doesn’t sell its story believable.

Rating: 5/10