My Past Mistakes Still Haunt Me Today – Terry G

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The original 'Akpoko' master is well known in the industry for his eccentric lifestyle and music. The singer whose real name is Gabriel Amanyi has had a fair share of controversies rocking his boat in the past few years.

Mostly Terry G has suffered major backlash for his use of marijuana and other drugs.

At the moment the singer and music producer has turned a new leaf but he says his past mistakes are still haunting life today. He made the revelation in a link up with Sunday Scoop.

 “I do not controversies. I was only a victim of controversies. All that I have done in the past that made me controversial were mistakes anyone could commit. I am still paying the price for my past. I did certain things I can never do again. I was a young boy, who was just having fun and enjoying music. My past still haunts me as I speak to you, as I am being judged for those actions. I have done things I am not proud of.”

The singer who claims he has dropped his bad habits in the past isn't pleased when people refer to old pictures of him using marijuana. Terry G again maintained it is difficult to find such images of him now as he is more careful.

“I am now a scapegoat all because I represented the streets and I was not afraid to show it. I sacrificed myself for the new generation of artistes. All I was being criticised for are those things artistes do freely now and no one talks about them.” “I have many regrets, which I take as lessons in a way. If I had known better, I wouldn’t have done certain things.