My Name Is Yetunde Mojola

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Hello people. My name is Yetunde Mojola (my friends call me Yahyha). I'm a costume designer and enthusiast. I'm super excited because this is my first attempt at blogging Ever!!!!!!! This is my avenue to express my thoughts on and fashion as well as my personal style on BB Buzz Id like to think that everyone would look the same if not for fashion. Here, im going to be posting and writing what I think about different trends,garments,accessories or anything that catches my bird's eye regardless of whether or not they are currently hot. I also will be sharing fashion tips and DIY fashion projects that I have tried and tested as well as themed party costume ideas. Expect to see loads of pictures here my darlings 'cos it really isn't fashion if you don't see it abi? My battery is as good as flat now. So I'll hold it here for now. Toodleloo! Yetunde