My Heart’s Worship 2′ by Dabo Williams

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Worship songs is beyond singing rythmes, melodies,notes. Its beyond running scales, its beyond the adlips and all resting and so many thing we think it is. Then What is now. A Worship Song? Its simply that song that comes from your heart in adoration to God when you are going through hard times. That song you sing praising God instead of complaining when you are being afflicted. SUCH ARE THE SONGS LIKE: My Heart's Worship 2' by Dabo Williams Said and i quote' "When I go through distress iworship Him and when their is a breakthrough ipraise Him. My has been a definition of praise and worship. Looking back to all the things I went through and how far he has brought me, I can't but to breakdown in tears and for every time I breakdown in adoration, He gives me songs to sing. Songs that touches my heart personally. God has been so wonderful to me both in times of trial and breakthroughs and all I just wanna do is sing to Him a song from the depth of my heart. Just few days to my , I could have lost my life, But God didn't give me up, trials and tribulation tried so hard to take my life, but God said No... What more can I do to Praise The Ancient Of Days, The Great Solicitor... Him alone I can't praise enough, that's why am putting this song out to all my friends and families who feels the same way I feel to Join me Worship this Merciful God... You've all Listened to 'My Heart's Worship 1' and I have received quite numbers of testimonies about it. Here is Another One for you all as we go through the remaining weeks of this year. Shalom! Powered by: Zion Recordz @dabowilliam