Mr & Miss Black Beauty Uk Pageant 2014

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Mr & Miss Black Uk Pageant 2014. The pageant was created to honour black beauty, to raise awareness for the minority cultural heritage, and Community significance. In the UK, young black men and women have always remained an epitome of beauty; they symbolize beauty, brain and elegance, which is why we are packaging a beauty contest that will acknowledge and intelligence, strength, confidence and inner-beauty. We seek to showcase talents and promote cultural, social, and leadership status by providing a forum for today's Black UK men & women to express her viewpoints, talents and accomplishments to the world. It's a family evening of collective voices from the young men and women from across the African Continent and the Caribbean. PROCEEDS GOES TO THE Children Are Made Secure Foundation: About: CHILDREN ARE MADE SECURE FOUNDATION, is an award winning charity. It aims are; to offer and assist children from a background of extreme poverty the opportunity to fulflill their true potential in life by helping them to gain their education. We are currently working in West with Westmount Preparatory School in Sierra Leone. The school is currently housed under a one roof tin building with 130 students. 69 of these pupils are orphaned and looked after by the proprietor of the School. Our aim for 2014 is to build a new classroom for Westmount Preparatory School in West Africa and furnish it with all the necessary equipments to make learning fun and most of all bearable for students and teachers.