Movie Review: The Wedding Party

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So much has been said and written about this movie and yet there is still so much to say and write about it. The success of the movie clearly showcases the transformation going on in which is the Nigerian movie industry. The industry is evolving and this is obviously true with the kind of been churned out in recent times, and also it is an indication that the industry’s practitioners are getting better themselves. The successes being achieved in the industry has clearly proven that when things are done the right way, success is unarguably achievable. The practitioners: be it the producers, the actors, the costumiers, the makeup artist, the directors, the screen writer, the cinematographers and the editors are all working hard to up their games so as not to be left behind. Gone are the days of badly done movies with incoherent stories and unprofessional actors, producers and directors, now it is a thing of pride and joy to see the movies coming out of Nollywood these days gaining so much tractions both home and abroad, and one of such movies that has blown everyone away is the Kemi Adetiba’s amazing and professionally done WEDDING PARTY. The internationally acclaimed movie showcases the rich and diverse cultures of our great nation. It is a story about two big Yoruba and Igbo families that are brought together through the marriage of their children Dozie (Banky W) the Igbo groom and Adunni (Adesuwa Etomi) the Yoruba bride. On one hand it gives an idea about the reluctance either deliberate or not of some parents in accepting a son or daughter in-law from another tribe and culture in Nigeria and also on the other hand how far some parents will go so as to remain relevant in the and also what goes on in the minds of the unemployed graduates in the same society who feels neglected and irrelevant. The Wedding Party which can easily pass for a drama, romance and comedy movie, has an amazing display of costume which I feel stands it out from among other Nollywood movies. The characters were so professionals and all fit so perfectly into their roles, that you will almost think you are actually witnessing the whole drama in real life. The ever beautiful and amazing Shola Toyin Tomato Shobowale who played Mrs Tinuade Coker the bride’s mum stands out for me, she wears the character so perfectly like a glove, I wonder how many guys will like to have her as a mother in-law, definitely with her, there can never be any dull moment, and so also the remaining cast. The class and maturity of RMD is unmatchable and can never go unnoticed, he is a blessed man and a good example for the youth. The movie broke the Nigerian box office earning records with an estimation of 450 million naira and still earning as many people are still going to see the movie in the cinema and if you haven’t, you need to find time to see it. Undoubtedly, The Wedding Party has raised the movie making and box office earning bar so high in Nigeria, we look forward to see who can match or surpass these achievements of the movie. One of the good things this movie has done is, it has proven wrong those who think investing their resources into making good movies is like throwing the resources away, now we know with good story and professionally done movie, there will surely be good returns on investment. Thank you, Olayinka Oladeji.

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  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    April 21, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Wow!!! I haven’t watched this movie the Wedding Party; but reading through this article, I am more eager to watch it now more than ever. I will surely create time to go to the cinema, to see the movie 🙂