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Unarguably one of the most anticipated movies since Party, Isoken the movie is one of the new age films that’ll go down in Nollywood history for pioneering quality production of a modern day Nigerian Romantic Comedy.

While the script was at best a solid 7/10, the styling, character building and production was a solid 8/10. This is one of those movies that you probably should see alone because it leaves no room for conversation.

The movie is written around Isoken played by Dakore Akande, who almost at 34 years old isn’t married. In typical Nigerian fashion there is a lot of pressure to settle down as her biological clock is ticking (read from Nigerian mother-played by Tina Mba) but Isoken is unshaken by her belief of what that leads to marriage should feel like.

The oldest of three children, Isoken is introduced to Osaze (joseph Benjamin) at her sister’s wedding by her mother, where she find surprising chemistry with this ideal Nigerian man i.e husband material.

What is a love story without complication and here it comes, she gets tangled with Kevin (marc Rhys) a white man who brings an upbeat playful spark to the movie in comparison to Osaze who is supposed to be a little bit more sophisticated and grounded.

For once Nollywood held back on overdramatizing by ensuring the movie had just enough flair to keep your typical cinema audience clapping, oohing and aahhing but the execution of the script could have been taken up just a notch up.

Dakore while sticking to the character seemed a little aloof most of the time and Joseph Benjamin could have been a little less robotic (some might argue it was all depiction of their characters)

The supporting characters were a cushion to the movie but all in all rounded up what we will call a solid rom-com from the staples of Nollywood.

The portraying of the average Nigerian reaction to spinsterhood, interracial relationships and family support system was very informative and entertaining.

The stars of the movie here would be Marc Rhys who plays Kevin the Oyinbo that gets Isoken in the end and Tina Mba who plays Isoken’s mum for finessing the role of your typical Nigerian mother, who is stern and abrasive but nonetheless a huge support system that kicks in after a good yelling at.

All in All Isoken was a great movie to see if you’re looking for a cute love story with no adrenaline highs but great production and a decent cast.

Side bar: The costuming for this movie and the set design is probably the best I’ve seen out of Nollywood so far! 10/10!!