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The United Kingdom based Nigerian movie makers have really done so incredibly well in their efforts to amend our battered image internationally and project us in a positive light and also put the county on the global map through the telling of our own stories despite practicing from the Diaspora, this is evident with the kind of that have been released in the past and also in recent times by that branch. Though there is still so much room for improvement, but still the practioners deserves recognition for their efforts. Past releases such as Mirror Boy etc did not only gained international recognitions, but also won awards, thus proving that the United Kingdom based movie makers are in for serious business, especially with the very recent release by Niyi Towolawi titled ‘DESECRATION’. DESECRATION is a love triangle story between a Nigerian doctor practicing in the United Kingdom; Doctor Olushola Daniels (Joseph Benjamin) and two women: his wife Adesuwa OIushola (Nichole) and his fling; Linda Bruce (Rita Dominic). The doctor, a supposedly devoted husband to the very put together lawyer and mother of his ten years old daughter, bumped into Miss Linda Bruce, the beautiful and successful single lady at an event, and also meet her again in what seem like a coincidence in a restaurant, but obviously, Linda Bruce has her strategies well planned out among which is to get Dr. Olushola, even if it requires her life. The movie in my own opinion can be broken down into different parts i.e. how men and women contrast when it comes to the issue of emotions, the struggle and the desire of some single and successful ladies and the ignorance of some career spouses to the needs of their partner. Considering how high the bar has been raised in , DESECRATION for me is a good movie, but still, there is room for improvement. The picture quality was excellent, the major casts: Joseph Benjamin and were professional with their delivery, so also was Nicola Alexis and the oyinbos. Something worth mentioning is the deliberate featuring of the Nigerian based Nollywood stars in their movies by the Nollywood UK producers; this I think is a good publicity and marketing strategy, and highly deserving of commendation. We wish Niyi Towolawi the best of luck as we keep our fingers crossed on the success of the movie at the cinemas and also the box office earnings. Thank you, Olayinka.

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  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    April 25, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Well done Niyi Towolawi 🙂 It can only get better.
    I have this DESECRATION movie on my mind. Once it’s out on cinemas, I will surely see it.