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Yippee! It is another Easter Monday! It is that time of the year Christians world over celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I believe you are as excited as I am, because it has been a long and amazing holiday. Personally, I observed that Nigerians, and particularly Lagosians don’t joke with the holidays, this is quite understandable as it is the only time most people have, especially the very busy people, to spend time with their family and friends to bond, while others would prefer to stay indoors, some might go to the parks and others to the , nonetheless, whatever your plans are for this holiday or for the week, I will suggest you create time to see this particular movie titled CHIPS. It is a 1 hour 40 minutes long movie, and it comprises of everything, from suspense, to comedy to romance and action, it’s a movie that will make you sit on the edge of your seat and also make you laugh so hard and also gets your heart beating so fast at the same time. CHIPS is a action comedy film starring two weird characters working together as California Highway Patrol officers in Los Angeles, but for different reasons. Dax Shephard who is also the writer and Director played John Baker, a former motor bike rider who graduated from the CHiP training based on probation, is working so hard to get his life and failed back together, and Michael Pena who played the character Frank Poncherello an FBI agent who joined the CHIP as an undercover agent on a mission to uncover those behind a multimillion dollar heist suspected to be an inside job within the CHiP. The two officers began their new job together clashing, instead of clicking and it seems almost impossible for both to work together as they are constantly in each other’s private business. Gradually, they warm up to each other, and putting aside their differences, they are bent on becoming the heroes and this leads to Poncherello basically ruining another agent’s investigation and causing the death of the suspect, and the eventual sack of Pocherello  from the FBI. However, Poncherello is instated into the CHiP after he and his partner identify the dead suspect as the son of Ray Kurtz a Lieutenant in the California Highway Patrol. Kurtz on knowing that the two officers are on his trail decides to kidnap John Baker’s soon to be ex wife as a trap for the two officers. As anticipated, the two shows up and rescue John’s wife, and not without confrontation with Lieutenant Kurtz. Lieutenant Kurtz is finally arrested along side his entire collaborator, thus making the two rookie cops the heroes. Thus Poncherello is offered his job back in the FBI but he declined it and rather chooses to remain with the California Highway Patrol. The movie has so much simplicity about it: Production wise, it principally started in October 2015, and based on my opinion, I will say it is top notch as ‘expected’ of any movie, so also is the scripting. I personally think Dax is absolutely talented, though it is my first time of seeing a movie written and Directed by him, I think his adroitness is highly commendable. I love how everything is simple and easy to understand in the movie. And according to sources, the budget for CHIPS was about 25 million Dollars, and was released on the 13th of March 2017 has already generated 21.4 million Dollars at the box office. CHiP is basically for the laugh which is very good for us at the moment in our great country at this time considering all the issues in the country, so if you are looking for soul searching and motivational movies, you might not certainly find that in CHiP, but if you want to laugh and probably shout, then CHIP is the movie. chips1 Thank you, Olayinka Oladeji

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    Nice review albeit!