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Waliyah Abiola, one of the daughters of the late MKO Abiola, is a artiste. In her late 20s, she studied chemical engineering and later got a masters degree in Engineering from Imperial College, London. Woliyah loves to sing and she's passionate about giving out good music. The daughter of one time richest man in Nigeria, is an investment banker. Waliyah has always had a flair for music ever since she was a teenager. Due to her upbringing, It didn’t occur to her that Nigerian could be singers. She thought it was something only African American girls did. Truth be told, I only started looking into music seriously about five years ago says Wahliyah. When asked if her father were to be alive, would he have supported her music career, this is what she had to say: I think my father, the late MKO Abiola, would have supported me and would have been quite tickled by the whole thing. He loved proverbs and music; therefore, what I am doing is not strange. He loved to sing and was in a band. He often sang at weddings and as a school boy in Abeokuta. I have fond memories of him singing, “The Beatles” songs in the kitchen. This must have been a relic from the time when he  was studying to become an accountant in Scotland. I am not relying on my family name to gain acceptance. Many people have known me on the music circuit for a year now and don’t even know my family background. It is something I never bring up and this is the first time I’m discussing it in an interview. I am proud of whom I am but as I don’t want to trade on it, I simply never mention it. I’m not very comfortable discussing it, even now. Woliyah who has a record label, will be releasing her debut album next year. Her single Siwaju, produced by Sarz, will be released with the album. She says its a track that Nigerians will appreciate for a long time to come. For her, unwinding is a way of regaining positive energy, quoted in her words "I like to catch up on current affairs, news, politics and movies as well as spend time with friends. I also love to travel and I am blessed to have been to a lot of places. It’s mentally stimulating and gives you a fresh perspective each time you come back. I’ve ticked a lot of places off the list but Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Japan will be good sometime in the future"