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As an annual event, Miss Bronze project encourages that one young woman from Europe, UK and around Africa who is the living role model of the best in today’s adolescence. It is necessary to instill good values in today’s youths since as they are tomorrow’s adults. For proper equipping the young, is paramount. Baring this in mind, Miss bronze intends to offer annual scholarships of £35000 yearly at national and international levels, educational material aid in advancing the education of thousands of young women in this country and abroad. Rich in dignity, , history and social significance, the Miss Bronze Project is a not-for-profit project which intends to maintain the culture and tradition of empowering women of colour in UK and around the world specifically the less privileged to achieve their personal, educational and professional aspirations while providing a neutral milieu where they could express their brainpower, thoughts, and aptitude. Taking part in the Miss Bronze Scholarship will not only help in paying tuition fees or setting up a career, it is a medium of obtaining a vast number of life skills and experiences. It is out to give participants a touch of class through enhancing the skills they already have and introducing new skills like integrity coaching, public speaking, additional life experience. MISS BRONZE UK SCHOLARSHIP PAGEANTS seeking Contestants for the Pioneering Competition 2014. (Closing date 31st March 2014) We are out to Empower, Transform and Instil confidence and value to the lives of women and not make women compete for their outer looks. Seeking what is inside the strength of a woman Educate a woman you educate a nation. Pageant contestant search applications are now being accepted through our website; www.missbronzeuk.com. No physical restrictions…. It’s all about your brains & inner beauty... No bikini... Become a real queen preserving your dignity.. with class… Be Empowered in .. Judging criteria for the contest will include: Interview - 20% Fashion & Style – 10%, Evening Gown/attire - 15% Talents-20% Academic Scope & Knowledge 15% Cultural appreciation 15% Photogenic - 5% Winner - Cash £2,000 plus non-cash prizes First Runner up -£800 plus non-cash prizes Second Runner Up-£300 plus non-cash prizes Other Categories to follow.. Above prizes are subject to changes.