Misery Loves Company!

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There is an unresolved mystery that has consumed my thoughts for years now, but it came alive again some few weeks back. I have realized some people actually does not want the best for anyone, while some never have anything good to say about anyone, and the rest would rejoice over your misery, more than they would over your miracles. The few that rejoices over your success, or has something good to say about you, or sees something good in you are about 5%. Sadly true. This is really heart boggling to me. It means misery loves company, and would do anything to initiate anyone into its miserable . Few years ago, I revamped my website. It was scheduled to be relaunched on a particular month, day, and time. I was so excited, so I opened a Event for it, inviting friends to come celebrate with me on my new website launch, which I was, and still godly proud of. The set day came and something went wrong. My web designer said to me the relaunch may not happen due to some technical difficulty beyond his control but was doing everything to resolve it. I sent a message to all my invitees letting them know about the new development, and a possible future date relaunch. Immediately, an outpour of consoling messages came from all over. People telling me how sorry they were that things weren't going as planned, blah blah blah...and to be honest I felt so special that people indeed cared a great deal. Later on that day, my web designer sent another message that he'd fixed the error and the website was set to go live in few minutes. I immediately sent another message to all my lovely peeps who'd been so concerned with the bad report; thinking everyone would be excited as I was that the relaunch would actually take place on the initial date, but to my utmost disappointment, I believe it was less than 5 people, who responded, and sounded excited that the event was still on. Then and there, I realized you can never base your happiness on another man's approval. This minute you think people care, and the next they act like you are no longer in the room. Therefore I have come to this conclusion, that people will always you on their own terms. This type of love is definitely bipolar. It's good when it is, and extremely bad when it is. It is undependable and can never be trusted. Whatever you do in life, regardless if people are cheering you on or off, do it with so much passion and excellence. The end result will stand you out. Never depend on people, but always depend on God, because His applaud continues, even when the rest of the world stops. Lastly, imbibe the habit of telling people admirable things while they are alive. I see most people express or write lovely notes or messages on people's tombs or funerals, more than they do on their hearts in their life time. Life is short, so live it expressly. Tell people that are dear to you, that you love them daily, because that may be your last words to them. Debbie Kuks. © 2014 Debbie Kuks Words www.debbiekuks.com Email: debbie@debbiekuks.com Facebook: Debbie Kuks. Twitter: @DebbieKuks