Millionaire Pastor Joel Osteen Comes Under Fire For Closing Church Doors To Houston Flood Victims

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Houston based TV Pastor Joel Osteen comes under attack after his church slammed its doors on Hurricane Harvey victims. According to news emerging online, the millionaire Pastor closed down his megachurch to victims who need shelter at the moment. The Lakewood Church is a 17,000 capacity church in the flood ridden Houston pastored by Joel Osteen. The mega church pastor has since come under fired and heavy criticism for ignoring the plight of the Hurricane Harvey victims. Some users took to Twitter to air out their thoughts on the matter.  

Following severe bashing on social media, the man of God bowed to pressure and opened up his church to any flood victim who needed shelter.

“Our hearts break as we see the damage and destruction in our city. Please join us in helping Houston recover,” Osteen tweeted, with a link to his website.