Microsoft Charges Businesses to Adopt Cloud Computing Technology

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Lagos, ; February 17, 2017: In the bid to ensure that technology impacts more on individuals and businesses, Microsoft and MainOne partnered to encourage the adoption of cloud computing with the gathering together of stakeholders to reason out pragmatic steps at NERDS Unite 2017. The programme which ran under the theme “Disruptive Technology: Achieve More with Less” revealed the latest cloud technology solutions designed to make play, work and lifestyle generally better for individuals and for organizations and called for the adoption of same. In her opening remarks, Chief Executive Officer of MainOne, Funke Opeke said the current recession in the country was a motivator for the event theme for the 2017 edition. According to her, the economic downturn has left businesses with no alternative than to adopt and leverage disruptive technology to drive efficiency, save cost and deliver economic value. She shed light on the need to align business needs with technology, the need to be agile and the importance of security. “At MainOne, we believe that our customers are the most able in this society to bring about disruption in the Nigerian economy leveraging technology. Nerds Unite provides a vantage platform for us to enable our stakeholder community with new to disrupt the Nigerian business landscape”, she said. Principal Group Manager, Partner and Customer Engagement R&D, Microsoft Corporation, Robert Di Benedetto, in a keynote address titled “Your Business and the Cloud: A Global Perspective”, stated that Microsoft is passionate about cloud computing technology because it is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about Information Technology resources. “At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every individual and organization on the planet to achieve more, and we believe that cloud technology is the future for any business that intends to succeed. We are very particular about cloud technology because of the many benefits that it brings to businesses. Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software; the speed is unbeatable as vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned within minutes of a few mouse clicks, he said “. He also highlighted that cloud technology gives businesses an edge to scale globally and makes data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive. Also, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Nigeria, Ifeanyi Amah, during a panel session on the topic “Disruptive Solutions for Enterprise”, remarked that any business seeking growth must tap into the opportunities that cloud technology provides. “Cloud is disruptive and will continue to redefine how we think, work and play. Cloud helps businesses grow beyond borders. It is secure and cost effective. It is therefore important that businesses begin to rethink how they use technology, with proper leveraging of cloud technology, businesses will be empowered, security will be improved, employment will be created and overall efficiency will be improved”. Mr. Amah added. NERDS UNITE is MainOne’s premiere event to share new industry and developments with IT managers and professionals in Nigeria. It’s a one-day program where influencers, decision makers and professionals from blue-chip organizations connect, network, share ideas, discover new opportunities and discuss breakthrough trends in the global IT space. Microsoft Cloud Computing technology can be used to create new apps and services; store, back-up and recover data; host websites and blogs; stream audio and video; deliver software on demand and, analyze data for patterns and make predictions.