Meet The Master Chef

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Lagos is full of brilliant minds and it could be a tough task picking out the best in a line up of gifted hands.

But today on THEBBBUZZ 'Discovery of the Week' is the inspiring story of a young man who makes good food look easy. He is on his way to conquer the world of culinary. To become a globally recognized 'Master Chef'.

His exceptional pastry skill manifests in the art of baking. Alex is a genius with tested hands. Name it and he will bake it.

Our special guest, has journeyed the world of culinary and he's a force to be reckoned with. He may be a born handler of knives and pots, however, his love for food photography and traveling has exposed him to diverse culture and food. His world of experience leaves you salivating.

Come take a walk with Alex Oke as we explore his world together in this interesting interview:

Tell us a little about yourself? I'm a chef, traveller, and renaissance man in the making. I enjoy the visual, literary, performance and culinary arts. I have a creative mind, with a natural flair for brand marketing.

 You must have studied a different course in the university, why did you decide to pick up cooking/food photography? Yeah, I studied Management and Marketing at the BSc and MSc level. Subsequently, I took a course in the culinary/pastry arts in Vancouver and unlocked a hidden talent. It's been all food since then😀

How long have you been a chef? Professionally? About 5 years now...

Doing what you do can be stressful if not tough, how do you draw inspirations? I draw from being in nature, interacting with other creatives, and traveling. I'm an explorer, and this personality trait also helps as a chef. You've also gotta be surrounded by a good group of like-minded and not just talented, but hardworking people in order to succeed.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge so far in the business? Planning production to match demand whilst minimizing waste in my food startup. I run a tight shop at XO Boutique Bakery.

Besides being a chef/food photography what the other things are you involved in? Travel! I'm an avid explorer and enjoy experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes that , Africa and the world have to offer.

Being a chef in this part of the world, what are the challenges? Sourcing reliable produce, maintaining quality , and hiring and retaining qualified cooks/bakers.

Do you have any words for foodies who want go into this line of business? Be prepared to work hard and have your heart broken many times. Ride the highs and lows, but keep your eye on the goal. You are not in this alone, it takes a village. You'd be surprised at how many times I turn to my colleagues in order to problem solve. Be professional, don't burn bridges, and NEVER give up. Your reputation is all you have, never sacrifice your integrity in exchange for financial rewards.



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