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Aspire to maintain a positive vibration as possible as you can. When one contemplates goals, from an angle of positive vibration, then you can set goals from rather than DESPERATION. Setting goals from inspiration allows you to go after those things you really want to achieve in . It enables you to identify your core values, who you are and what you do stand for and finally, you can be able to identify those things that are important to you.
When you can sincerely identify who you are, then you can start to identify the goals that you want. The calls that really align with the deepest and strongest version of you. Identifying your core values help you to know where you stand in life, and why you make certain decisions. I hope this will serve as a reminder for you to keep your heart and eye on the end zone. The more you are in your body, the more aware you can be, the more control you have over yourself and everything around you. Enjoin in anything that will boost your energy level in the positive direction. ............................Voice of Yemi Michael.

1 Comment

  1. Ajisafe Michael Oluwafemi

    August 22, 2014 at 4:22 am

    Desperation comes with anger that makes one see from a side, Inspiration is huge balanced and perfect. with inspiration we become masters…I will rather wait for inspiration and be unique rather than getting desperate and getting no difference.