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She stood up and I liked the short skirt that she was wearing. Her backside is big and it made my johnny excited. In short I fell in . I met Acada at the market. She was sitting in her mother’s shed. When I saw her I liked what I saw. Her breast was big and her black was shining. I told her I wanted to buy garri, she said let her call her mother. She stood up and I liked the short skirt that she was wearing. Her backside is big and it made my johnny excited. In short I fell in love. She said she is a student and does not know the price of derica of garri, so she went to call her mother. It was because of that I started to call her “Acada”- somebody that goes to big I was a little afraid when she said she was a student, because all this students they will be looking down at a struggling man. But I know my God is faithful and if Acada is to be my girlfriend nothing will stop it. Her mother came and I bought my garri. I greeted her properly and even touched my toes with my hand, she was very happy and she put extra garri for me. As I walked home I was really full of plenty happiness. Because that is the way love is. The next day I went back to the shed and my heart started to beat when I saw Acada; she was wearing another fine skirt. Her hips just made my heart to skip. So I told her I wanted garri. She measured it for me this time and then I told her to come and make food for me. That was the way I toasted her: “Acada come and make eba for me and small soup. I really you. Only the woman I like that can cook for me.” She laughed and said that if I really like her I should take her to drink pepper soup and Gulder. I was a bit surprised but I remember that she is a student and all this students like all these things. “So what do you do,” she asked me, and I told her I am a mechanic. So that night I took her to drink pepper soup. After two plates of pepper soup and two bottles of Gulder, Acada followed me to my place. When we entered the compound, I put my hand around her neck so that all my neighbours will know that I have a new girlfriend, and not just any girlfriend but a student girlfriend. I want Chinedu that useless man to see that I am a real man. I opened the door and she entered into my room. She was a little bit surprised. “This place is very small.” She looked around the room as if it was a piece of rag. I told her to sit down; she said she wanted money for school that she needs to buy hand-out. By this time, I will not lie, my johnny was already swelling up. So I told her I will give her some money. Because that is the way love is. “How much?” I asked her “Five thousand,” she answered I squeezed three thousand naira into her hand. I had already spent two thousand naira for pepper soup and Gulder, so I calculated it quickly in my head that she has chopped my five thousand naira in one night. It is plenty money and I have never spent that kind of money for any woman before. That is to show the amount of love I have for Acada. I used to give Risikatu two hundred naira every time she comes to spend night with me, but Acada is special, she is a student. That was how I slept with Acada that night and it was very sweet. Because that is the way love is. So Acada became my girlfriend. She was attending LASPOTECH and I was proud to have her in my life. But one day she came and started to cry that there was no money to continue to study. Her father is late and her mother has ten children, she is the first child and her mother wants her to leave school and start trade to help her sisters and brothers. I wrap my hand around her, I will not lie her skin is very soft and anytime her breasts touch my chest, AH! I just know this woman is going to be my wife. So I told her that it is better for her to marry me and start a family so that her mother will be proud of her; and after our first son I can open small trade for her…maybe to sell provision in front of the compound. No ogogoro business because I will kill any man that near my Acada. I sent garden eggs and groundnut with a crate of minerals and beer to her mother, I also wrap four thousand naira for the mother to use to take care of her children; that was how Acada became my wife. The first child was not a boy, so we tried again; and the second one was still not a boy. By this time I was worried so I called my mother to pray for my wife and transfer her blessing to her because my mother has eleven boys. So she prayed for my wife. When my wife got pregnant for the third time…I bought a bottle of schnapps waiting to receive my son. I was highly disappointed when she born girl again. By this time our love has started to reduce because I couldn’t understand the uselessness of having three in the house, eating my money and all of that when I want a boy. By this time I started to drink because I was not happy. Acada started a salon work near our compound. The sign on the saloon read: GOD ALMIGHTY BLESSED ACADA SALOON. She plait didi for women in the neighbourhood and was making plenty money- sometimes N2,000 in a day!!! So because of the money she was making, our love became strong again. I slept with her again, and this time…because the pregnancy was almost touching the ground, I was very sure it would be a boy. With this boy my life will be complete. Amen! So when she delivered, I was at my mechanic shop…it was one small boy in our compound that came to call me… because the boy was very happy, me too I became very happy! Finally my Acada has given me a boy. I was sure of it! In our culture, it is abomination to ask a small boy the thing that came out of your wife’s private part, so I ran with the boy to see for myself. When I got there and I saw for myself, I knew that I was finished! In front of me were quadruplets, that is four children all at once. And all of them are girls!!! That was when my love turned to hate for Acada! This woman just destroyed my life! What kind of useless womb does she have. Seven girls!!! How am I going to feed seven girls only to dash them to men when they grow up? Who will stay and bear my name and learn my trade? It is with that vexation that I went to the beer parlour near my shop and I noticed Suliya- the waitress. Her breasts are very big. And that was when I decided that I love her and want to marry her as second wife. By this time, my three daughters have stopped going to school because I cannot buy uniform and text book anymore. I told Acada to bring her money so we can buy pure water for the children to sell and make money to take care of the four wahala she has added to my life. Acada started to beg me every night to hold her in bed, but I was not interested anymore as I have already started planning to marry Suliya. I quickly gave Suliya pregnancy; I sex her at my mechanic shop, inside one of my customer’s jeep with air conditioner. I have never sex woman in a car before, it was very sweet. And because of the sweetness of the sex I was sure it would be a boy. I sent her to my mother in the village so she can mix concoction for her to drink to be double sure that she born a boy. When Suliya was six months pregnant, she came back to Lagos with my mother and moved into our one-room. The wahala that day… I cannot find the English to explain it. Acada was very angry but my mother told her to shut up and take her place as a weak woman for having only girl children. So all of us- me, Acada, the seven children, Suliya and my mother lived in the room. I bought a new mattress for Suliya, it was her wedding present; and I shared it with her. We leave the door open at night for breeze. The room contain all of us very well by God’s grace. My mother used to wake up every morning to pray and give Suliya more concoction to drink. So when it was time to deliver, I had already bought lace for me and my new wife and my son to dance… Suliya delivered one hot afternoon like that…when I went to the hospital, my mother was crying and that was when I knew it had happened again- another girl pikin! What nonsense is this? It was when I saw the child that I started praying and asking God to forgive me if I offended Him. The thing that I was looking at was not a human being. “It is your mother oooh! All the concoction ooooh! I am dead oooh!” Suliya was crying. She was shaking all over her body and was roughing her hair like a mad woman. I don’t know what she gave birth to. I cannot explain it. If you turn it to the left, it looks like a tuber of yam; if you turn it to the right, it looks like a snake. It would have been better if it was a girl child. And that was how me and my family and my story ended up on the News at 10.

by Joy Isi Bewaji

Credit:; Sabinews