Lights, camera, makeup…by Kemi Shona

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Flipping through the pages of a mark.magalog and understanding the delicate nature of what the meant to me..ok ladies and gentlemen…not gentlemen I maybe a few of them who find it interesting. We all love arts but makeup as an art? Yes. Makeup is an art, although, this doesn’t apply to a number of people. Now, to us as artists, what does makeup mean to us? Takes me back to good old days, back in the university, a friend of mine called me a painter while doing my makeup routine. Little did I know, a painter who paints faces (laughs) well, a makeup artist. It’s widely understood that to make is to create. Makeup isn’t all about foundations, bronzers, lipsticks or the likes. It’s an art and it’s all about creativity. Widely accepted, the term makeup refers to a set of cosmetics that are applied to the face to transform or develop someone’s appearance. Makeup for some of us, it’s a colour for canvas, painting faces and achieving different looks. For some, it’s just fashion; for me its creativity. We make up for different reasons, to transform our looks, to cover-up our flaws or anti-age. Makeup does a lot of magic but if done wrongly, may add to your age a year older or more. With the right tools, you can achieve any look you want, subtle and , pumped up and sexy or the va, va voom look. We have all been gifted with natural beauty but sometimes we want to enhance our features and just have fun. We get to emphasise our best assets and make use of it. What is makeup to you? My name is Kemmy Shona, a makeup expert. Tel : 08087598270 Email: