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has introduced me to a whole lot of things, people, experiences and lessons. One I won’t forget too soon is a stranger who has shared mutual admiration from across the pond and now bears the title “Friend” Meet Floyd WeirdSurname” the multi-facetted deity amongst men… My discovery of this week. His words… Floyd Igbo hails from Inyi Town in Oji-River Local Government Area of Enugu State. He is a multi-talented Thespian who loves to get his feet in almost all aspects of the artistic world. photo 1 (1) photo 1 Floyd has featured in several stage plays across the country some of which were performed while he was an under-graduate and post-graduate student of Theatre Arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University and University of Ibadan respectively and while he did his Nigerian Youth Service Corps in the country's capital in 2010. Some of such plays in which he featured prominently include : William Shakespeare's Hamlet and A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband, Aurthur Miller's Death of A Salesman, Lope De Vega's Fuente Ovejuna, Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of The Opera, Wole Soyinka's Aba Alapata, Dance of the Forests, and Ricee. Plays by Ola Rotimi including The God's Are Not to Blame , Man Talk-Woman Talk and Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again', 'Langbodo' by Wale Ogunyemi as a command performance for President Good luck Jonathan, among several other plays have featured Floyd Igbo over the years. photo 2 (2) Floyd Igbo has featured in some Nigerian Television Series including the role of Ehis in 'Growing Old' by C and C Productions and James in 'Soul Sisters'. He has also featured in some movies including an experimental film titled 'In A Moment' as Ranti, directed by Kesiena Obue, 'Run' by Gomad Media Productions and  2016 '93 Days' movie of BAP Productions as directed by Steve Gukas where Floyd plays Morri's brother(with Gideon Okeke as Morris). photo 2(1) Floyd is an astute dancer who thrives in dance genres that cut across diverse cultures including African and Western circles. Floyd can perform any Nigerian dance from the Swange of the Tiv to the Ekonbi of the Efik, the Atilogwu of the Igbo or the Bata of the Yorubas. Floyd also enjoys dancing Salsa and Theatrical dance styles including Broadway, Jazz and Period dances. In addition to his dance skill, Floyd has choreographed about 15 plays and a featuring youths performing  Nigerian dances in honour of the then presidential aspirant, in his 2014 presidential campaign. Floyd's gift of story telling has inspired him to write about four unpublished musical plays, two of which have been produced in three different Universities in Nigeria. Their titles include: 'A Time in Tulipsia', 'Ivory Tower Musical', 'Phoebe's Passion', and 'Its Complicated'. Floyd's love for music was discovered as a Sunday school kid who participated actively in the drama and music group. He went on during his Secondary school days to be the school choir leader, tapped into that musical gift and found a way to make it fly. In addition to singing, writing and composing original music for plays and film, Floyd plays the Saxophone. Floyd is a sucker for the Fine Arts and this interest inspired him as a child to draw and paint with poster colours on cardboards. Even as an adult he currently has framed painted works of art hanging on the walls of his family home back in the East. This, he owes to the care and support of his Mother, an erudite Professor in a Faculty Education within the country who continually urged him to pursue his dreams. photo 3(1) Floyd graduated at the top of his class in his first degree, narrowly missing a first class honours by 0.4 points. Some awards he cherishes among others include 'Thespian of the Year' presented to him by ATAS, UNIZIK in 2009 and 'Best Behaved Student Award' for 2005/2006 graduating class presented by Grundtvig Int'l Sec. Sch.,Oba. Anambra State. Floyd Igbo directed a Theatrical extravaganza that was performed on October 1, 2014 at The Ultima Studios, Lagos. It was a performance that featured 11 popular Broadway numbers and featured some Nigerian celebrities. His debut play directing project was in 2013 with his colleagues in his Masters Class for the performance of Twefik Al'Hakeem's 'Fate of a Cockroach'. In 2015, Floyd featured as Lead (Lord Lugard, alongside Project Fame's Ben Ogbewi) in the Nigerian hit Musical, 'Kakadu' directed by Kanayo Nwokedi which ran through the Christmas Hollidays. The AFRIFF closing ceremony of 2016 featured Floyd Igbo opposite Nollywood star, Adesuwa Etomi in the performance of a duet from the 'Moulin Rouge' movie. Floyd performed at the Opening Ceremony of the new theatre called the TerraKulture Arena in Victoria Island, this year as well as at the  AMVCA Award ceremony which was held this year as well in the role of Fela Kuti under the umbrella of BAP Productions. He will be starring in the same role by the end of the year in a new musical titled 'Fela and the Kalakuta Queens' to be directed by the highly respected Bolanle Austen-Peters. photo 4(1) Floyd Igbo discovered the power of artistic imagination at a very tender age when his mother provided him with many toys with which he and his siblings practically used as puppets to create stories with good guys and bad guys, and all the drama that come with living. 28 year old Floyd Ekene Igbo is driven by the desire for excellence in any endeavour he sets out to accomplish. He loves people and likes a good laugh. He believes that we live in the world with other people and must try our best to accommodate each other despite our varying personalities and lifestyles. We are not alone. He is currently in the middle of his Ph.D. programme at the Theatre Arts Department of University of Ibadan where he is a Research Fellow. Please find and interface with Floyd on any of these social media platforms and have a sneak peek into his world from these links below: Instagram: @Floydweirdsurname Facebook: Floyd Igbo Links:


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