Life Is Full Of Turns and Unexpected Surprises

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Happy New Month, and welcome to  mid-year! 🙂 Time sure do fly! I must ask you though, how have you maximized the first half of the year? Are you attaining, have you attained, or you've totally lost hope in attainment? Has situations shut down your passion, and your drive for the year? I know most people start the year with so much enthusiasm and new resolutions. Is this still the order of your year? 
Life is full of turns and unexpected surprises, but that doesn't mean we must loose hope in the midst of the turns. Hope can be compared to our breath, once it's lost, then death is inevitable. Therefore we must keep hope alive, and keep believing that one day, things will turn around.
I have realized that In , positions seems to be unstable hence not advisable to underestimate anyone. Your personal assistant today may end up owning the company tomorrow, likewise your house-help today, may become the next president. No one is less human just because of his current life situation. You do not become less of a lion just because you're sleeping? In the bible, Joseph was a house-boy/help, ex-convict, a slave, but ruled over everyone of his masters, superiors, and employers when he became the prime minister of the entire land of Egypt. So never ever make your current situation, the epitome of your existence. 
"The entrance of God's word gives light." So engage in the word of God, and let the light of the word shatter all your doubts, fears, hopelessness, and insecurities. Light has capacity to conquer your confrontation with the powers of darkness. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. And the light shines in darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." (John 1:1,5). Therefore there is no way you can be full of the word of God, and still encounter fear, doubt, hopelessness, defeat, and all the plans of the enemy. Once you engage in the mystery of the word of God, darkness dissipates instantly.
You cannot enter a dark room with a lantern or candle or even a light bulb, that the room won't be lightened. It is humanly and spiritually impossible for darkness to stay intact at the entrance of light. Therefore never loose hope in turns or challenges. Embrace your situation and use it as wings to fly to get to your destined place. If you don't know how to get out of your challenges, then study the word of God. There's clarity in the word of God and I believe it will give you instruction on how to overcome it. 
Lastly, never ever loose hope! No matter the punches life throws at you, use them as dumbbells and as practices for where you're going. Success itself is not for a lazy man. You don't become successful with one hit? Therefore the punches and the experiences you encounter in your down days will be so needed when you attain success, and stay successful. I pray the next phase of the year will be a memorable one for you and yours as you engage in the word of God. 
Have a fulfilled month. 
Debbie Kuks.
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