‘Kindly Take Down These Billboards’ FuseODG Tells Nivea Over Skin Tone Ad

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London based Ghanaian singer FuseODG slams for controversial in favor of skin bleaching.

The 'Azonto' crooner criticized the cosmetic and beauty brand for imploring Africans to bleach their skin for a lighter shade. Fuse wants all similar billboards erected in and other African countries to be taken down while urging folks to stop buying Nivea products.

Dear Nivea, Kindly take down these billboards you have placed all over our beloved countries in Africa. I saw this one with my own eyes today in Ghana and we love our complexion the way it is. And if you don't take these down. We will. Every African everywhere should stop buying any Nivea product. Tag the Nivea branch from your country so they understand how foolish this is! With love