Kehinde Bankole Fronts Nigerian Accessory Brand, Gbenga Artsmith

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Nollywood , Kehinde Bankole fronts Nigerian accessory brand Gbenga Artsmith’s jewellery line! As a highly sought-after thespian of repute, it is only customary that gets to play different characters with individual idiosyncrasies of different degrees.

In her words, “Internalising a role is very intense, as you immerse yourself completely into the very soul of the character you are playing. And after the filming is all over comes the task of literally ‘exorcising’ yourself of the essence of that character. It is always tough! Sometimes remnants of the character you played are left in you.”

In this jewelry campaign for Nigerian accessory brand, Gbenga Artsmith, Kehinde plays out her alter ego hidden within her, away from the klieg lights.

Sometimes she is KEHINDE (the woman of queenly disposition) and other times she is KENNY (the girl-next-door.)

See full campaign photos below:

IMG_2022   IMG_2031-1   IMG_2053-2   IMG_2054-2   IMG_2070   IMG_2073   IMG_2092-1   IMG_2107-1   IMG_2119   IMG_2141-1   IMG_2147-1   IMG_2157   IMG_2214 (1)   IMG_2214  

Credits: Accessories: Gbenga Artsmith @gbengaartsmith

Makeup: Toyin Ekwo @kelynstouch

Photography: Francis Ndu @francislens

Benin and Calabar Outfits: Cynthia Michaels @cynthiamichaelsfashion

Hair: Damilola Adesanya @dbeautyworld

Styling: Gbenga Ayo-Dada @gbengaayodada

Calabar bridal paraphernalia: Stylist’s closet.