Just like Marvel Studios, Komotion Studios tells the story about the God of Thunder with 3D animation

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If Marvel can do it for America, why can't we support and encourage our home to do exploit.

With a budget of $400, 2 months of work, and “a lot of goodwill, favours, technical support , free trials and passion,” Komotion Studios, a Nigerian digital media content creation company, created a short film based on the Sango deity of Southwestern .

The short film – “Dawn of Thunder” – the company said, is a proof of concept for a web series and/or feature length movie and after watching this, we are seriously rooting for them.

Komotion Studios had this to say:

Sango is a popular god of thunder from Oyo State in Nigeria with his signature thunderbolt axe that causes lightning and disruption when used by him. We explored his childhood a bit, from where it all started, the questions he asked, the answers he was given, the visions about his future encounters and ultimately how these experiences will shape his future.

Having heard and known all this, what will his approach be towards events as they unfold? The series will look at his life from birth to his mysterious disappearance.

During the course of the series, we will explore the functionality of the civilization that existed during his time, bringing out key lessons about preservation of nature, living, and herbal medicine, dangers of deforestation, preservation of water bodies and wildlife in the most creative way.

Our goal is to educate and align with the sustainable development goals while also entertaining our audience.