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Last week a bank got some consultants to handle their recruitment. I also got a shocking call from their MD stating that he'll need my services in their panel for the key positions advertised. I was to be part of the team..... Just in case you come for my interviews, pls note I'm not a bad buy, I just want the Best. 1.  A young man sat in front of us and said all sorts. He looked okay but lots of inconsistency in his words. Bott...omline, I logged on the internet, googled his name and found many more lies. Almost all the sites had various ages he had inputed. Well, I asked him about his age. He paused with an errrrrrrr for a while b4 answering. I told him about my discovery and showed my colleagues various questionable things online about him. I showed him one of the sites which he agreed was his. Well, he tried to cover up stating his social is different.. PLS NOTE: In the 21st century, your social life is no longer yours. There's banking now. If you want to work for an FI (Financial Institution), integrity matters. Also, you social life is not really yours. Other consultants may not do those checks but if you do sit before David Lawale, I'll google all there is about you to make sure you're not a potential terrorist/supporter Or u won't be a BRAND VIRUS to the organisation.
2. A good looking man walks in. Wants the position of a branch manager. After some questions, I jokingly asked him not to look up. I asked him for the colour of the fan. He said white.. I said, okay,  look up. He looked and there was no fan. I told him as a leader with signature authority, he cannot afford to guess especially in a financial institution. If you are not sure, tell the person you are not sure. You can get back. NEVER GUESS. 3. Good looking female walks in with both confidence and arrogance. Her answers were attacking. Her body language was saucy. My colleagues were tired. She wanted to be Head of customer service. I asked her why she's being confrontational with her replies. She said "I am not" arrogantly. Every1 was ticked off. I still pushed to see if there was any gold in her. There probably was. But it was too hidden, I couldn't find it. I pushed further to give her a strenuous stress interview, she couldn't handle it...You're hired for that position to help with the customers, not to drive them away. 4. Another for internal control came in.. She didn't know much about the 3 triangles of fraud. The C's of credit etc...  I decided to help her in another likely direction. I asked if she's ever been to the station, since sometimes the job entails them visiting police stations for errors they may, or may not have caused. They are the first choice pick. She buckled and realized that she'll rather switch to marketing even with her experience. (KNOW WHAT YOU WANT) Enjoy the new week. Still your loving and friendly friend DRL 239015A6