Is Your Love “Bipolar”?

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I recall a certain incidence I encountered with a special friend. We usually say beautiful things to each other until the day I pissed this person off. I realized all my post was no longer "liked" on any of my pages, and all the beautiful words seized for a minute. I realized how badly this person must have been hurting, so I called and apologized, and within seconds all my Facebook, Instagram, posts and pictures were "liked", and my tweets retweeted. Then I threw this question at the person, IS YOUR BIPOLAR? Do you know anyone, or are you that kind of person that when you're upset with someone, your love for that person diminishes? Or it's so extinct that it seems like the love never existed? And I ask again, IS YOUR LOVE BIPOLAR? Is your love extremely opposite of the characteristics of "love" when you're not in peace with someone? Is your love short-lived? Does your love have two extremes ends? Two antagonistic ends? Bipolar is characterized by opposite extremes, as two conflicting philosophies. So is your love speaking from the surface of your heart or from the depth of your heart? There is one thing constant about the genuine love, the agape love, it never fades! Why should your love go "blank" or have "amnesia" because of anger or anything that rubbed your emotion off the wrong way? I can hear some people saying, "it's just normal to loose the love you have for someone based on offense, anger, or bitterness?" And I ask, who made it the norm? You or the character of the "love" you're expressing? Any habit we adapt to becomes the norm any-day because no one thought us better. When you know better, you do better! Just because you have never witnessed love overpowering anger, or any form of offense doesn't mean it doesn't exist? Love, loves at all times, whether favorable or not. Love must always conquer and be in the lead, if your love is genuine and pure. I read about a story of two celebrities who were facing infidelity in their . The man cheated on his wife and she was crushed. Both born again believers and loved God wholeheartedly, but infidelity creeped into their marriage. The first instinct will be to walk out, as the woman, right? But she decided to stay in the marriage, to work it out with her husband. The gist of the story is, they both stayed out of the spotlight to work on their marriage, and now they are more in love than they were prior to the challenges they'd faced. Therefore agape love, conquers all! So do you think her love is bipolar? I really don't think so. The depth of her love for her husband and family overpowered any "shallow or undeveloped love" that may have been dormant in her. Therefore, if you say you love someone, check with your heart, the depth part of it, to make sure you mean what you say, and say what you mean. Love suffers long, and not easily angered, also love doesn't keep records of wrong. It is okay to be angry, but never go to bed angry with your spouse. Resolve all conflicts, and never allow your love to be lukewarm. It should always be HOT enough to quench any darts of the enemy, STRONG enough to bounce back each time the enemy tries to punch at it, and DEEP enough to be everlastingly true. Debbie Kuks. © 2014 Debbie Kuks Words Email: Facebook: Debbie Kuks. Twitter: @DebbieKuks #MarriageThings #RelationshipThings #HusbandAndWife #Couples #Love