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The seconds are piling and the ages are turning into millennials and history is being created. Welcome to the half point in the year 2017, and the team on “The BB Buzz” thanks you for your continuous attention and follow ups, Gracias.

So this week I am sure you are waiting to see what whimsical creatures we discovered on our quest? Well maidens and blokes, we found someone inspired by yet expressive in photography. Vivid images that have some rhythmic and some worth melodic cadence to it, I have taken continuous looks at his body if work, and I have found out that this young man has something for the unusual, Hip and young world of photography. He is using music to create his realities through pictures, Pixelating masterpieces at every turn.

Now in a generation where most kids just want to do cyber stuff and get likes with no real impact or value, but still want to make the big box and live like the superstars, Daniel Oni just wants to take music and express himself through pictures and men!!! This young man is cashing out, he’s getting jobs by the dozen and he’s even training people young and old at workshops organised by him. He’s doing what most people won’t dare do because it’s “too tasking” and it takes too long a time to build an empire in an economy like ours. Daniel is shooting through lenses and making it count while schooling (Yes he’s an undergrad) and he’s already got business structures in place that most people dread to manage. Enough of hearsay, lets meet this week’s discovery as he makes the Industry Quaver with his amazing interpretation of photography at such a young age.

His words…

Hi, My Name Is Oni Daniel Opemiposi; A Student Of The department of electrical and electronics engineering at the prestigious university of , Akoka. I'M the CEO/Creative and Brand Director of Quaver Photography (A Lagos Based Professional Photography Service) and about "Quaver Photography"? People ask me this question a lot of times. Well... My Brand Name came about when I was looking for the perfect Embellishment of My Brand. For those who know the theory of music - Quaver is a musical note and I love music very well plus I play three musical instrument very well at that)

So Quaver is a musical note that symbolizes 1/8 of a note, the multiplicative Inverse (Lol, yeah I'm an engineering student *winks* of 1/8 is "8" and According to the Holy Bible "8" symbolizes A New Beginning (The Spiritual Part Of Me). So yeah, the name fitted perfectly. Well... I started photography firstly as a hobby. But with time, got to realize that I really needed to Step up my photo skills so I went to a photography school.

How do you  keep up with school and being an entrepreneur?

The Major Key keeping me in the game is time organization; knowing when and where to plan photoshoots, attending online Photography classes, Post Production and all as well as Finding time to study and make good grades.  The Entrepreneurial thing is what I've always wanted to do and having to be in it is one of the very good things that happened to me.

What form of photography have you been involved with?

  Fashion, Weddings, Brand Shoots and Portraits 

Do your folks support you and do they sometimes worry this might distract you?

The support has been really great and Encouraging. It would only get better. 

So people that’s the scoop this week and I hope some part of you has been inspired? Please find Daniel on these platforms for easy interaction.

  On Twitter - @callme_daniel_ Instagram - @Callmedaniel_ and For My Photography Page on Instagram – @Quaver_photography -Any Booking details? Yes. For Booking Details; send an email to Or Send a Direct message to the Instagram Photography page.

Thanks for following this posts and for all your comments. Looking forward to next weeks’ expose of positive hustle. Tag me on that amazing person in your neighbourhood… on twitter @i_amt8710 and on instagram @t8710Chazown. Blessings, T8710

1 Comment

  1. Kelvin

    June 6, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Great Stuff! Keep it up! The Sky Is Your Starting Point