In The Days Of SU

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If you went to church in those days when we sang "then sing my soul my savior Lord to thee" and you cried whenever we hit those high notes, you are a certified S.U. In my S.U days, those were the times we gave prophecies. We would speak in unknown tongues and we would prophesy. Once someone started to prophesy, all other prophets must queue behind him or her. There were usually about three of us who were the lead prophets in our headquarters church. So, one morning, as soon as the chorus leader hit the "then sing my soul " high note, I ran vehemently forward in my usual prophetic flow. My trousers were usually bellbottom. I think I had some body odor too. Armpits were never deodorized. I had a word from the Lord.
Usually, we began with 'Thus saith the Lord,' with a strong emphasis on SAITH. For us, those days, that's what gave it the real punch. The church would tremble and shiver, and I was the vessel to bring the word from God. That Sunday - must be the Sunday before Easter. As I got to the most important part of my intro with emphasis on 'saith', the new Minister shouted me down, saying "Shut up Prophet Kenny, shut up, let's continue to enjoy this worship song. It's not important that the Lord 'saith' every time we gather." I pushed hesitantly as though the world was going to end. I was in cloud nine, and I was in the spirit. "Thus saith the Lord" I repeated again as loud as I could. The new Minister wouldn't have it. He made the church sit down and stopped the music immediately. He ended the service and asked me to wait in his . Just like fish out of , my fins began to dry. I was upset. He was upset. All the other prophets queuing behind me were upset. Then he called the three of us into a meeting and said : "the lord doesn't have to 'saith' every time his people gather. The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet." Now, it's been over 20 years, and the world has not ended. I think we fcking made all these things up. I think. Kenny Brandmuse