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I've always been a problem solver. When I was the Project Head for a 'big' Reality TV show sponsored by one of the malt drinks, we always had issues getting people to the audition venue in Ibadan. People never used to turn for audition..just a handful. But I decided I was going to solve the problem. I 'personally' invested in for this project. I created a conversation around this project in my that had a lot of 'Ibadan people'. They started spreading the word around on my behalf. It was like the project had never taken place in Ibadan before that time. They were all excited, anxiously waiting for my crew to get to town. I went further by engaging the services of a Mobile Digital Display truck, that will show the video (TVC) of the project at strategic locations in Ibadan. The result was ASTOUNDING! We had a full hall and there were more people the premises begging to be giving a chance to have a glimpse of what was going on in the hall. What a success! I have since gone on to train myself in Digital Marketing, but my passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. For me, it is joyful to watch an SME grow into a solid brand that is positioned to lead the market. I always love to be part of that amazing journey. I meet many small business owners who think that innovation doesn't apply to them. They are comfortable in their zones where simple buying & selling is taking place, in as much as it pays the bills. I once had a client that we helped develop a brand manual and a digital marketing strategy that lays out their digital marketing processes which reflects their culture and philosophy. We made it simple and easy to understand. Her members of staff finally understand the brand and how to market it. They became energized and in no time they were the brand to beat in that category. Each time I help a small business owner solve a problem, I'm more convinced that many small businesses can become better by embracing innovation. My heart gladdens  when I see SMEs become innovative and productive, with a corresponding increase in their incomes. In the year 2017, I've resolved to be there for you. As a digital strategist, I'll help your brand and business embrace 'global but locally relevant' innovation  and leverage technology to raise productivity levels and revenues. I'm here to help you and your business. If only you will let me! (@THEBBBUZZ on Instagram & Twitter) DSC_0084                 (Credits to Tayo Ogunsusi and Banke Alawaye)