If My People….

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I woke up late that morning. My alarm did not go off, so was doing everything in a rush... even listened to the BBC in a rush. As I hurriedly listened, catching snippets here and there, one piece of information said in the space of 5-10 seconds slowed me down considerably: A human bomb had gone off in Borno State of . People were gathered together to watch the world cup when a suicide bomber went into their midst and killed some, maimed some, others suffered minor injuries while yet others just had to witness the mayhem. It got me thinking of a king that lived thousands of years ago... He had no legitimate right to the throne, but was put there by a God who sees beyond what we see: A prayer warrior who invoked God’s response which He gave in 2 Chronicles 7:14. He  promised the Israelites that he would hear from his Holy Temple, he would forgive their sins and He would heal their land, all on one condition: if they would ‘humble themselves and pray’. We are God’s people and God wants us to pray for our land. In my opinion, it is shameful that all these atrocities are happening in our countries and we have a promise as powerful as this lying fallow. Are we no longer God’s people? His principles do not change. He has promised that Heaven and Earth may pass away, but not a single word of His will pass without accomplishing it’s purpose (Luke 21:33; Mark 13:31; Matt 24:35). He said when 2 of us are agreed concerning anything it will be established (Matt 18:19). What then is our problem? Is it that there is not enough of us? According to available demographics, there is 174 million of us, so what is stopping us from halting this cancer that is spreading across our land with the power of His promises? We are the people of God. Israel is His 1st born (Exodus 4). We are His 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th......to eternity. Let us arise as a nation. This is the time to put our differences aside and unite against the enemy. Let us be like king Solomon of old. Face the Alter of the Most High God. As Daniel did (Daniel 9), let us seek for the forgiveness of the sins of our fathers, both gone and alive. Let us fast, not for our benefit, but for the cleansing of the land. His promise is that His hands are not too short to save (Num 11:23). Let us watch Him arise and scatter our enemies (Ps 68:1) I remain, Vera-Cruz