‘I Would Love To Have Kids’ says Craig David As He Dispels Gay Rumours

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British singer puts an end to rumours about his sexuality.

The 37-year-old singer has got people guessing his sexuality since he has remained unmarried to quit a while with no publicized relationship.

The 'Walking Away' singer said his preference for ladies is well known from the tone of his songs.

"I think it’s very evident in the way my songs are and how I speak about relationships so I wouldn’t even go into it. It’s if that’s what you feel it’s what you feel."

Craig also mentioned that he would definitely to father his own children.

"I’d love to have kids. I think I’d be a very good dad and I think I’d have a lot of wisdom to share. "But even with age you’ll just know, you’ll just be with someone and you won’t think about it. You’ll just be like, 'I wanna have children with you and this just feels right'."