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If you say GEJ has not done anything good or that he is unfit to be the president of then the truth is not in you.

How can you be trusted when you make such a claim inspite of visible works going on in different sectors from major highways being rehabilitated, universities being set up in states that had none, railway system being revamped, young ones being empowered etc?

It is a fact that GEJ failed in the area of fixing our refineries and encouraging local refining of our crude oil and not delivering on his promise on steady electricity.

Terrorism and Boko Haram activities are everyone's problem and the earlier we see them as a collective problem the better for us.

GEJ may have not excelled but in terms of performance he has done better than most of the past leaders that allowed certain sectors to die.

So, you want people to trust you it is important you understand the need to be realistic when criticizing anyone.

Put differently, anyone that has traveled along Ore Benin Onitsha expressway in recent times would see you as a dishonest person if you claim that GEJ has not done anything.

Afam B.C. Nnaji