“I should have been patient”

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Mr. T met me in my early 30s. He met me when I was super aggressive and in a rush. I was driven by a need to "catch up". I had in my mind lost a number of years. So I wanted to overturn those years I had "wasted". I had super energy then. I put into rising up the ladder. Catching up was the word. He interviewed me for a position and afterwards suggested that we have lunch together. Who turns down free lunch at Eko Hotel? So we went.
I had lunch and was anxious. Did I get the job? It would have been a mega boost on my CV. He just ate with me and asked me personal questions. I wondered the interview was still on. Then he spoke to me. "Slow down. Take it easy. You are going to burn out. You will get to the place you do not want to go, and then you will be unhappy." I looked at him. What was he talking about? A N15m job then with a car and other quirks? I was thinking this man was a destiny destroyer. He must have perceived my thoughts. He asked me to guess his age. I looked and said early fifties. He smiled. He said he turned 40 some weeks back. He looked 55. Then he told me why he brought me to lunch. He said to me to pass on the job if I were offered. That it was not good for me. I asked him about his career. I asked if he knew a "brother" of mine since their paths had crossed. He did. He had lost a lot to climb. Paid the price he did not need to pay. He had challenges, marital woes and was deeply unhappy. Money as they say does not bring all those. Money is a good thing. I read his obituary two days ago. His heart packed up in a distant land. Slow down before you burn out. Take it one day at a time. Work to live and not the other way. No rat wins the rat race. We all get there in time. Aspire for the top but not at the detriment of life. I share his in honour of his death." Ademola H Adigun Note: Someone asked the poster if he took the advice. He answered, yes I was offered the job but turned it down. Credit: Aolat Oluwatosin Sule

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  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    March 3, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I have really learnt a lot. I work to live and not the other way 🙂