I Learnt A Valuable Lesson

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Today, I learnt a very valuable lesson. The people say 'ibaje eniyan ko da ise Oluwa duro,' meaning ' man's wickedness cannot stop God's blessings.' When God wants to bless you, no matter the obstacle that seems to stand in the way, He will turn the situation around and reduce that obstacle into a stepping stone. What man meant for evil, God will take it and turn it around for good. When Joseph's brothers sold him off into slavery, only they knew that that very act was simply releasing their brother into his massive destiny, perhaps they would have instead kept him in the fields. If the enemy knew that crucifying Jesus would mean true victory for all mankind, he never would have gone through with it!
Like adamant, stay focused. More solid than rock, be unbreakable and unshakeable! When the storms come, be rest assured that they will not overwhelm you, neither will the fire burn you. You are more than an overcomer in Christ Jesus! So let Haman rage! Let him rave and rant in all his nastiness. You already know the end of the matter, and that is that whoever digs a pit for u will himself fall into it. For your sake, God will open doors that no man can DARE to close and He will shut doors that no man will be able to open. Don't let anyone tell you are anything less than a . Go and keep on succeeding y'all! SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Yes o! ‪#‎Dansaki‬ ‪#‎Higher‬ ‪#‎NoMoreWuruwuru‬ ‪#‎NoMoreIranu‬