I Feel Nothing When People Say I Am Not The Iyanya They Used To Know

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Former TripleMG co-owner and now star will forever be remembered for dropping one of the biggest dance tracks in Africa.

Somehow many people think Iyanya is not as 'hot' as he used to be but has suddenly gone lukewarm.

However, the 'Kukere' hit maker in a chat with Saturday Beats believes that nothing has changed a bit from who he used to be. He mentioned that he is unbothered by peoples opinion of him.

 “I feel nothing when people say I am not the Iyanya they used to know because everything is in their head. What you think about me is not what is happening in my world and you think such because of what you see or hear. I am fine, I am blessed and I am still touring the world. I am happy. So, if you are over there thinking that Iyanya is not who he used to be, then that is your thought and has nothing to do with me.”

Iyanya also maintained that he is still doing great and he should not be judged based on what fans see about him on .

“Everything about me is still happening on a high level; don’t judge me based on what I post on social media. I am blessed and it is for life. You cannot judge me based on what you see me post. I show you only what I want you to see, it does not mean that my life depends on the pictures or videos that I post. This is a social media world where people judge you based on what they see on your social media pages.

“That is not my life; it is only what I show people. I have a life that is different from what I post, so no one can generalise my being just by looking at pictures. People would have different opinions about my music but as an entertainer, I have to be versatile.